WANdisco Launches Data Activation Platform 2.0

Platform updates enable enterprises to initiate large-scale data transfers with precise control in seconds

Today, WANdisco, the data activation company, released Data Activation Platform 2.0 to support faster migrations for massive datasets. Supporting both the WANdisco Data Migrator and Edge to Cloud solutions, the updates maximize the speed and scale of on-premises and edge data transfers through precise control over migration throughput, cleanup, and prioritization, among other features. The updates optimize data movement performance from IoT sensor data and Hadoop environments to any cloud, maximizing the business value of data, wherever it lives.

Enterprises maintain a complex web of data that spans multiple storage environments with channels running to multiple clouds. IDC recently found that companies store data across five key domains, but largely rely on on-premises, public cloud, and edge locations. Moreover, the 2022 State of Data Activation report found that 69% of data leaders are unable to use their data due to the high cost, lengthy timelines, and risk of data transfers between environments. Multi-cloud strategies, where enterprises utilize the AI, ML, and analytics capabilities of different clouds for different use cases, add to this complexity.

Data Activation Platform 2.0 provides granular control over all or specific data transfers within a simplified user interface. Focused on enhancing the speed at which large-scale datasets can be transferred to any cloud, new automation features optimize migration and storage resources across environments. Specific platform enhancements include:

  • Multiple data transfer agents enable users to scale horizontally to maximize the productivity of available bandwidth;
  • Auto source cleanup gives enterprises control over how long data is stored at a source environment before being cleared – a critical capability for storage-limited edge environments;
  • Enhanced verification scans both source and target environments to ensure data fidelity and validate the success of all migrations;
  • Migration prioritization provides customers the ability to designate transfers as a high, normal, or low priority – with “normal” serving being the default – based on the criticality of each transfer;
  • User interface enhancements prioritize useability, allowing users to configure settings – including all aforementioned features – and manage multi-cloud transfers with just a few clicks.

“Businesses face a dizzying challenge in moving massive amounts of data from a lot of sources to a lot of targets. As data continues to amass at the edge and on-premises at an unprecedented pace, solutions must improve to handle massive data transfers at incredible speeds – but also deliver a seamless experience,” said David Richards, CEO and Founder of WANdisco. “Data Activation Platform 2.0 does just that. Now enterprises will have even greater control over all, or specific, data transfers happening across their business.”

Today, organizations across industries rely on the WANdisco Data Activation Platform to activate enterprise-scale datasets, reduce costs, and quicken migration timelines from months or years to a matter of days. To learn more about how WANdisco can activate your organization’s data, visit

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