WAYCEN, the first medical AI company wins 4 CES 2023 innovation awards

  • Company specialized in AI Medtech, WAYCEN, won CES innovation awards for two years in a row
  • WAYCEN swept CES 2023 innovation awards with medical AI products, collaborated with the medical staff

The company specialized in AI Medtech, WAYCEN (CEO Kyungnam Kim) made splendid achievements of winning four CES innovation awards for the first time among medical AI companies ahead of ‘CES 2023’, the world’s largest electronics exhibition, which will be held in Las Vegas, United States, in next January.

According to the ‘CES 2023’ award results announced by the Consumer Technology Association (CTA) on the 16th, WAYCEN won four innovation awards in WAYMED Cough, WAYMED Endo PRO, and WAYMED EBUS. By receiving two awards each in the digital healthcare and software&mobile apps sectors, it showed the technology leadership of K-medtech.

Winning these awards means that WAYCEN has been recognized globally for its technical expertise in the real-time image analysis technology and medical big data analysis technology. Winning two awards solely for the products utilizing the real-time image analysis technology is to highlight innovations in WAYCEN’s medical AI solution lineup. In addition, the three awarded products have been developed through joint research with the medical staff. It speaks volumes within the medical industry that medical professionals and AI-specialized company jointly developed clinically useful products through technical verifications and accomplished such great performance.

WAYMED Cough is the world’s first AI-based self-screening app service that enables the examination of a patient’s respiratory health through an app. This service is the result of joint research by the research team led by Professor Kyeongmin Moon (Department of Pulmonology) at GangNeung Asan Hospital and Doctor Jinhee Jeon (JIMT CEO). Since it analyzes a user’s respiratory health based on AI and helps people in any gender or age to easily manage respiratory health, the product was honored to win awards in two sectors (Digital health, Software & Mobile apps) for the CES 2023 innovation awards.

WAYMED Endo, which won the CEO 2022 innovation award first in the industry for the technology that grafts AI technology to an endoscope, was advanced with the collaboration technology and won innovation awards for two years in a row. WAYMED Endo is an endoscopic image analysis software product that was jointly researched through the study with Professor Jie-hyun Kim, Department of Gastroenterology at Gangnam Severance Hospital. While endoscopy is in progress in an endoscopy room, AI detects abnormal areas (bumps or dents) in real time so that the medical staff can check the abnormal areas in the endoscopy room immediately.

WAYMED EBUS is a solution that analyzes endobronchial ultrasound endoscopy images in real time and judges whether malignant lung cancer metastasis has occurred. This is also the solution that utilizes WAYCEN’s real-time image analysis technology and is the result of joint research with the research team led by Professors Eun Young Kim and Seung Hyeon Yong of Department of Pulmonology at Severance Hospital. As it helps sort lymph nodes in need of biopsies in EBUS-TBNA tests, which take a lot of time and effort, using AI technology, this saves time and cost dramatically. This led to the recognition in innovativeness.

Based on its unrivaled technology, WAYCEN was selected as the “Country Representative Innovation Company 1000” and Top 4 in the global healthcare award, “Medtech Innovator APAC”, within 3 years after the foundation. WAYCEN is continuing its unwavering efforts as the unrivaled global company within the medical AI industry. 

▶ WAYCEN Introduction

Established in 2019, WAYCEN is a company specialized in the next-generation medical AI (artificial intelligence). Based on the AI technology with its root in deep learning, it develops and studies solutions that contribute to full-cycle treatments.

Only within 3 years after foundation, WAYCEN possesses approximately 30 radiology-related patents, and is conducting AI-based medical joint research with various leading university hospitals in Korea. Also, it is the AI medtech-specialized company that was selected as the “Country Representative Innovation Company 1000′” and “MEDTECH INNOVATOR APAC TOP 4”.

WAYCEN does not stop developing the global top AI technology, but also strives to use our AI medical technology in medical sites efficiently and develop technology that can contribute to save people’s lives.

▶ WAYMED Cough Introduction

WAYMED Cough is an AI respiratory system self-screening app that records a user’s coughing, respiratory, and vocal sounds through a smartphone and analyzes using AI. This product is the result of joint research by the research team led by Professor Kyeongmin Moon of Department of Pulmonology at GangNeung Asan Hospital and Doctor Jinhee Jeon (JIMT CEO) under the support for data center hospitals. Its service is currently uploaded on Google Play Store and App Store.

Product introduction video:

▶ WAYMED Endo Introduction

WAYMED Endo is a solution that performs colonoscopy/endoscopy and analyzes videos in real time based on AI simultaneously. Developed through joint research with Professor Jie-hyun Kim, Department of Gastroenterology at Gangnam Severance Hospital, WAYMED Endo, by mounting the AI engine that studied colonoscopy/endoscopy images and videos, provides functions to detect abnormal inside an endoscopic patient’s digestive system in real time and notify it to the medical staff.

WAYMED Endo can be used without Internet connection, and is medical image analysis software that can be used by connecting regardless of the brand of the endoscopic equipment.

Product demo video:

 WAYMED EBUS Introduction

WAYMED EBUS is a medical AI solution that analyzes bronchial ultrasound endoscopy images in real time to determine the metastasis status of a malignant lung cancer. Based on the patented WAYCEN’s AI technology, it detects minute features of malignant lymph nodes that cannot be recognized visually and can analyze much more information quickly, which helps precise lung cancer diagnosis. This solution was jointly conducted with the research team led by Professors Eun Young Kim and Seung Hyeon Yong of Department of Pulmonology at Severance Hospital, and was published in the SCIE international scholarly journal, Translational Lung Cancer Research (TLCR) last February.

Product demo video:

 CES Innovation Award Introduction

The CES Innovation Award is an international award given to products with excellent technology, design, and innovativeness among the ones released to the market for the first time of that year.

Divided into 28 protect categories, it is an annual award for innovative technical products for users, companies, and institutes. Professional judges in various industries including designers, engineers, and journalists, judge entries based on innovation, engineering, function, aesthetics, and design.

Winning an innovation award means the technology is considered that the technology is unique and innovative in certain aspects, and a product with such characteristics is evaluated as being in the front line of the next-generation technology.

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