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WELL Health Technologies announces collaboration with Microsoft

  • The collaboration aims to improve North American healthcare by integrating Microsoft Azure and its AI with WELL’s digital health platform to improve clinical outcomes, optimize costs, and ensure top-tier data privacy and security.
  • The integration is expected to streamline WELL’s cloud and infrastructure environments and position it to improve its ability to scale and offer leading edge solutions across all of its business units, with an emphasis on Canada.

WELL Health Technologies Corp. (TSX: WELL) (OTCQX: WHTCF) (“WELL” or “the Company“), a company focused on positively impacting health outcomes by leveraging technology to empower healthcare providers and their patients globally, is pleased to announce it is collaborating with Microsoft to accelerate healthcare’s digital transformation. This five-year agreement is set to accelerate the digital transformation of healthcare delivery across North America and beyond, integrating Microsoft Cloud and AI capabilities with WELL’s comprehensive digital health platform to innovate and enhance the healthcare experience for both providers and patients.  A key focus will be to substantially elevate WELL’s scalability and flexibility as part of its offerings, especially as its organic growth accelerates and it aims to help large enterprise clients such as those in public sector.

Amir Javidan, COO who leads WELL’s platform solutions group, commented: “Our collaboration with Microsoft will enable us to accelerate our growth and innovation, vastly improve our scalability, reduce complexity and improve our cost profile for our cloud offerings over the long term.  Microsoft will provide specialized support and services that will allow us to unify our infrastructure environments to a more homogeneous and advanced posture, bringing our digital health platform to new heights. We are honored to partner with Microsoft, and eagerly anticipate the transformative impact our collaboration will have on healthcare delivery.”

 “WELL’s integration with Microsoft Azure, will streamline operational efficiency and also bring advancements in patient care through our Azure AI platform,” said Allison West Hughes, Corporate Vice President, digital acquisition at Microsoft. “WELL shares our commitment to empowering healthcare practitioners with innovative solutions that redefine cost management, enhance data security, and catalyze service innovation.”

Focus areas of the collaboration include:

Modernizing and Enhancing Scalability: The collaboration will focus significant time and resources to ensure that WELL’s cloud infrastructure is unified, modernized and positioned for significant growth and scale. To do this, WELL will integrate Azure Database for MySQL, Azure SQL Managed Instances and Azure Databricks. This is very important at a time where WELL’s organic growth is accelerating, and it has embarked on significant large enterprise opportunities including public sector.

Cost Optimization in Healthcare: This integration focuses on enhancing operational efficiencies. By doing so, it aims to minimize expenses while simultaneously increasing the quality and accessibility of care.

Data Privacy and Security Assurance: The collaboration is committed to extend WELL’s stringent data protection measures. This ensures the integrity and confidentiality of patient information through advanced security protocols.

Leading Innovative Healthcare Solutions: This collaboration establishes Microsoft as a go-to partner for WELL Health as it continues to infuse leading generative AI technologies into its various digital health solutions. WELL is integrating Azure OpenAI Service to drive transformative change in how care is delivered, enabling tremendous efficiencies for providers and improving patient experiences.

Stu Coombes, Vice President of Technology Services at WELL, commented: “By taking advantage of the robust foundation of Microsoft Azure and Azure OpenAI Service, WELL is not only optimizing cloud hosting but also fortifying business continuity, empowering the integration of AI-driven healthcare technologies, and capitalizing on economies of scale.  The technology teams who are working behind the scenes to drive this transformation are highly motivated by the collaboration with Microsoft and the associated support this collaboration brings.  This signifies WELL’s unwavering commitment to advancing patient care, driving operational excellence, and shaping the future of healthcare delivery.”

Through this collaboration, WELL is working towards a new era of healthcare solutions that are proactive, personalized, and secure, underscoring a deep commitment to improving health outcomes and the patient experience globally.

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