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WellSky announced a new strategic partnership with Google Cloud

Using Google Cloud’s Vertex AI platform, WellSky will build and deploy custom generative AI tools within its solutions in a responsible and ethical manner

WellSky, a leading health and community care technology company, today announced a new strategic partnership with Google Cloud to leverage its secure cloud technologies, advanced data analytics tools, machine learning capabilities, and its enterprise-ready artificial intelligence (AI) platform, Vertex AI. The collaboration will provide WellSky with new tools to address current and future challenges across the care continuum.​

Vertex AI gives developers and data scientists extensive access to generative AI models, allowing them to build and customize their generative AI applications. Over the past few years, WellSky has significantly invested in modernizing its IT infrastructure, and this partnership with Google Cloud will accelerate those efforts. The goal is to better anticipate client needs, enabling better care for patients.​

“Innovative solutions that make use of AI will dramatically improve healthcare over the next decade​,” said Ryan Terry, managing director, healthcare and life sciences, at Google Cloud. “WellSky is pioneering the integration of new AI tools, including responsible generative AI, to support human expertise, amplify capabilities, and drive innovation across healthcare to impact better outcomes for providers, clinicians, and patients.”

AI tools embedded into WellSky solutions will allow WellSky to automate repetitive tasks that can be done without human interaction. For example, WellSky plans to equip healthcare providers with immediate access to contextually relevant historical patient information, trends, and anomalies to power more efficient, intelligent care during care transitions. Additionally, WellSky is automating portions of the Outcome and Assessment Information Set (OASIS) assessment used in Medicare home healthcare—freeing caregivers to spend more time one-on-one with patients.

“AI technology can serve as a fundamental tool in making healthcare insights more accessible and meaningful for clinicians. As with any tool at our disposal, we will implement it in a way that is focused on helping caregivers improve patient outcomes, provide more effective services, and increase efficiency,” said WellSky CEO Bill Miller. “I see no shortage of possibilities in this emerging space.”

AI is already embedded in many other industries, from financial services to manufacturing. And while all companies have an obligation to implement AI in a responsible and thoughtful manner, nowhere is that more important than in healthcare. Google Cloud’s approach to governance and privacy policies are designed for its customers to retain control over how Google’s tools are used. Google Cloud’s responsible approach to generative AI means customers have access to monitor and review model outputs and leverage safety guardrails and model documentation to enable responsible use in a customer’s use case and context.

“We understand AI has an important role to play in healthcare innovation, but we also understand that we bear a considerable responsibility for how we implement AI in a secure and ethical way,” said Miller. “WellSky is steadfastly committed to following the principles of privacy, fairness, reliability, equity, transparency, and accountability in the design, development, and deployment of our solutions. We resolve to use AI in a manner that is aligned with our mission, is responsible, and provides value to our clients and the patients they serve.”

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