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What Tech Leaders are Thanking this Thanksgiving 2020

The onset of Thanksgiving 2020, calls for being thankful for seamless tech for their support all around us in the form of AI, IoT & Cybers ecurity.

Yay, the happy days are coming nearer, road trips to visit families, celebrating holidays over a delicious meal with your beautiful near and dear ones. Thanksgiving is usually considered to be an American tradition but “Giving thanks – saying thanks” is celebrated globally. We generally don’t make the list of things to be thankful for in technology, but yes this is probably a good indicator of how far technology has come? So, this year when you sit down for your Thanksgiving dinner which technology will you ponder upon while gulping down that lusciously spiced thanksgiving turkey? 

“The best technology fades into the background, because people don’t care about tech, they care about what it does.”
– Taylor Davidson, Entrepreneur and Tech Journalist

Almost anything and everything that technology does for us, is noticeable but not recognized. Something as meagre as slow internet or not being able to transfer money in one go might frustrate you. All our credentials, transaction details, credit/debit card credentials, they are safely saved in your personal devices, and all of it is possible because of technology – it gives you a safe and seamless experience, which fades into the background for every moment of our life – in nutshell and conclusively, we require IT infrastructure to support real-time interactions amongst people. 

This Thanksgiving, which technology do you think the professionals should be thankful for and why?

According to MonsterCloud’s Top Cyber Security Experts Report, there have been reported almost more than 4000 Cyber Attacks on a daily basis on both individual and business accounts. And 46% of businesses across the globe have faced at least one cyber security threat during the pandemic. So not only COVID-19 is having a lasting effect but there are many and one of them is cyber security. Once your firm has been attacked by cybercriminals, your data becomes vulnerable. How to protect the wall? Train your employees to be skeptical about opening or responding to emails from unknown senders, don’t forward suspicious emails to co-workers. Always examine the email address of a sender properly. Heightened awareness can be a powerful antidote

Xage Security’s CEO, Duncan Greatwood is on the same page as us, let’s see what he said when asked about what technology he is thanking this thanksgiving,

“This year, we’ve seen a rise in cyberattacks with the increase in working from home. The FBI reported a 400% increase in cybercrimes amid the pandemic, and INTERPOL reported a significant shift in targeting corporations, governments, and critical infrastructure during this time. Managed and controlled remote access is key to keeping larger organizational operations running safely. 

I would like to thank zero trust remote access technology for helping some of the most critical (and vulnerable!) organizations stay secure and digitally transform during this strange time. By taking a zero-trust approach to security and remote access, organizations can safely adopt new technologies that enable process automation and workflow optimization – improving the efficiency of the operation as a whole while also knowing that their assets are fully protected.”

How can enterprises acknowledge and motivate their employees this Thanksgiving considering the pandemic situation?

Thanksgiving is a festival to have fun and joy, to be with our loved ones, a sacred time to count our blessings. Don’t let the stress of COVID-19 steal the joy and happiness of Thanksgiving, we all know it has been a stressful year, operating from home, not able to hangout, or not able to see everyday familiar faces while walking down the street, we have had a lot of ups and downs lately, let’s not that ruin our happy times, no matter how difficult the situation is there is always a way to find happiness.

In the USA, Monster conducted a poll of 1700 members of the nation’s workforce to shed light on what employees or working people are thanking this season, almost 70% of the people are thankful for their health, and more than 90% of the total are motivated by the gratitude from their upper-level management. 

And on the same line of thought is our expert in Cyber Security is, Duncan Greatwood, CEO, Xage Security, let’s know-how is making sure his employees feel stress-free this season, 

“Though my family doesn’t really celebrate Thanksgiving – we’re from England, after all – it’s key for leadership to encourage employees to take the time they need away from work during this holiday season. While many people won’t be able to go home and see family members like usual, people still need to step away from their computers and recharge. While feeling sympathy for those directly affected by COVID, we can be thankful that we’ve nearly made it through 2020(!) – And look forward to pandemic recovery later in 2021.”

At, AI TechPark, how are we thanking technology this year?

On the same note, everyone is thankful for something or other this season, of course, we are also thankful for our health and prosperity but would like to take the opportunity to thank our in-house IT & Admin team to make our remote workplace a better place, from more personalized digital services to securely integrating and exchanging data with partners. Thank you IT and Admin heroes for establishing secure communication amongst businesses and users, and we appreciate your round the clock services to make sure our work can be executed seamlessly.

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