Wooask AI Translation Solution Launches Wooask S01 AI Voice Recorder

Andy Lee, Founder & CEO of Wooask, a leading customized AI translation solution provider, is introducing a new product, Wooask S01 AI Voice Recorder, a powerful technology that fits in your pocket, record, transcribe and translate everywhere.

Artificial Intelligence is changing the way we produce and access information. Speech recognition and the understanding of language by software are key to the future of information management.

Need to record, transcribe and translate an interview, lecture, or discussion? Journalist record interviews for maximum accuracy and efficiency, making note-taking nearly impossible during a vibrant conversation or long meeting. The problem comes when take that recording and translate it into text. In the past, they have to spent lots of time to sit and transcribe every interview.S01, created by Wooask, is designed to address this issue. Using the latest technologies in speech recognition, machine translation and the advance of NLP technology, it supports 134 languages speech to text transcribe and translation. An average page of text takes approximately 2 minutes to speak but 14 minutes to type, which means speaking presents an 86% time saving. Easy to use, created for everyone.

“S01 is packed with features that make it incredibly useful. Very simple to use, very beautiful in design and light in weight. Although it is small, it has a super battery life that can standby more than 30 days, continuous recording more than 10 hours. With 32G built-in storage and 500 hours cloud storage, you can fast edit and share content to people at anytime and anywhere,” explained Dixon Wong, CTO of Wooask, who has very rich overseas experience, and can explore very good product for the market.

“Compared with other products in the market, Wooask S01 is a new creative product. Speech recognition is our core advantage. It supports 134 languages speech to text transcribe and translation, generally in the market similar products can only support English and Chinese. In 2020, as the coronavirus pandemic has spread across the whole world, most people have to work from home. Therefore, our product is now in great demand and we have on hand many inquiries from other countries,” said Andy Lee, Founder & CEO of Wooask, who has already been in the language industry for more than 15 years, and knows the market very well.

Wooask S01, World’s Most Powerful AI Voice Recorder!

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