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Xealth and Stel Life announced partnership

Leveraging Xealth’s digital health platform and API, Stel brings secure monitoring device program live from underserved populations direct to their care teams, right in their EHR workflow

Xealth, the leader in enabling digital health at scale, today announced that Stel Life, a leader in health monitoring device connectivity, has connected with Xealth’s digital health platform to bring vitals data from a patient’s device into the care team’s workflow faster and with added privacy, maintaining a no-protected health information (PHI) integration between Xealth and Stel.

Enrolling the patients is the first step in any remote patient monitoring (RPM) program, but the data needs to be easily accessible by researchers and care teams. Xealth’s integration into the EHR brings the Stel program into clinical workflows, ensuring that providers have instant access to important health data. Additionally, as an extra privacy measure, Stel’s integration with Xealth is implemented without health systems sharing PHI with Stel.

“We’re privileged to support innovative health systems in evolving care to the home and improving the overall health of the communities they serve,” said Sid Kandan, CEO of Stel Life. “We are excited to deploy Stel through the Xealth digital health platform, as not only does Xealth help power provider workflows, but also maintains our unidentified data design. We don’t need to know exactly who the patient is, but trust Xealth to get data to records.”

Stel Life seamlessly and securely connects wireless health devices to care teams using cellular networks that function even in areas with low broadband access. Stel Life’s ecosystem allows health systems to standardize their device connectivity across hundreds of devices, including scales, blood pressure cuffs, glucometers, continuous glucose monitors (CGMs), wearables, and more. This device data surfaces patient trends via Xealth’s digital health platform, enhances a hospital’s ability to monitor patients outside of the hospital, enabling tailored care plans, quicker interventions and better outcomes.

“We simplify digital access by improving access to care, both for patients and the providers responsible for their care,” said Mike McSherry, CEO of Xealth. “The Stel Hub works without patients needing smartphones or Wi-Fi, connecting care to track behavior and outcomes. We are excited to partner with Stel to make monitoring simpler and more secure.”

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