Yamaha Motor Company selects Shippeo to enhance Global SCM

Yamaha Motor Co., Ltd. (Yamaha Japan) and its U.S. subsidiary, Yamaha Motor Corporation, USA (Yamaha USA), today announced a strategic partnership with Shippeo, a leading provider of real-time transportation visibility solutions. Shippeo will provide Yamaha with superior visibility and predictive insights across its entire global supply chain, encompassing ocean, railroad and over the road transportation.

Enhanced Visibility Across the Supply Chain

Yamaha Japan will leverage Shippeo’s global network to gain complete coverage of all ocean containers transporting its goods. This includes real-time visibility into all ocean carriers, terminals, ports, and ships, along with predictive arrival estimates. Shippeo’s platform ingests data from various sources, including ocean carriers, satellite providers, schedules, and its own proprietary data models, to create a unified and comprehensive view of all shipments.

Seamless Integration and Actionable Insights

Shippeo’s solution seamlessly integrates with Yamaha’s existing systems, providing both a web-based application and data transmission into Yamaha’s SAP solutions. Additionally, Shippeo offers a suite of readily available and configurable business intelligence reports, enabling Yamaha to gain valuable insights across various aspects of their supply chain.

Tangible Value for Yamaha

By partnering with Shippeo, Yamaha expects to achieve significant benefits, including:

Superior customer experience: Enhanced transparency and reliability through real-time visibility and arrival predictions for Yamaha customers, partners, and dealers.

  • Improved operational efficiency: Optimized lead time management, warehouse management, and personnel productivity.
  • Enhanced cost control: Reduced freight spend and related costs through better visibility and proactive management of detention, demurrage, and accessorial fees.
  • Improved transportation vendor management: Data-driven insights to optimize carrier selection and performance based on key metrics like on-time delivery and shipment accuracy.

“We are truly excited about this new strategic partnership with Shippeo and the benefits that it will most certainly bring to easing our Global Supply Chain challenges, simply from providing more seamless administrative and global visibility, “said Isamu “Sam” Kuru of Yamaha Motor Company Japan’s logistics Division. “The benefits to both our distributors and ultimately our Yamaha dealerships and business to business partners and end users will prove invaluable to our entire company.”

“It’s an honor to partner with an industry pioneer like Yamaha Motor Company,” said Christopher Mazza, SVP International Growth at Shippeo. “Our leading real-time visibility solution empowers Yamaha to deliver exceptional value to their customers and end users by offering superior visibility and actionable insights across all transport modes. This will enhance the resilience of Yamaha’s global supply chain operations, ensuring enhanced transparency and reliability.”

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