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Yealink YMCS Migrates to Microsoft Azure

Yealink, a leading provider of collaboration and communication solutions, has announced the migration of its Yealink Management Cloud Service (YMCS) to Microsoft Azure, a premier cloud computing platform known for its unparalleled capabilities. The move to Azure is a major milestone for YMCS.

“As a customer-focused company, we are always looking for ways to improve our solutions and provide the best possible experience for our users. Microsoft Azure is renowned for its robust security features, ” said Alvin Liao, the Vice President, Head of Products at Yealink. ” This partnership can support Yealink to provide customers with a more secure and scalable solution that meets their evolving needs.”

What is YMCS?

Yealink Device Management Cloud Service (YMCS) is a cloud-based solution for managing Yealink voice, video, and headset devices. It streamlines remote management by addressing provisioning, troubleshooting, and system administration and also meets specific requirements based on regions, user groups, or device models. Automatic deployment upon network connection eliminates the need for costly traditional deployment, while timely troubleshooting boosts productivity.

Designed with security in mind, YMCS has earned SOC2 Type 2 and GDPR compliance certifications and passed penetration tests by the top independent testing lab like NETSPI.

How Azure Enhances Security for YMCS?

“By using Microsoft Azure for the Yealink Cloud Management Service, Yealink builds on a highly secure and scalable cloud platform that provides advanced security features and a wide range of services to enhance customer experiences,” said Albert Kooiman, Senior Director, Microsoft Teams Devices Partner Engineering and Certification at Microsoft.

YMCS Networking: Securely Built and Managed in Azure Cloud Infrastructure

YMCS networking is built and managed in the Azure cloud-based network infrastructure, which secures connections with an IPsec VPN or Azure ExpressRoute and provides an isolated and highly secure environment for YMCS. And Azure Load Balancer is used to control YMCS’s inbound and outbound network traffic, helping protect private networks using built-in network address translation.

Secure Computing Solutions with Azure Virtual Machines and Azure Kubernetes Service

YMCS deploys the computing solution using Azure Virtual Machines to help encrypt sensitive data, protect VMs from malicious threats, secure network traffic, and maintain container security through advanced identity and access management. YMCS also employs Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS) to provide flexible scaling, achieve high service availability, and prevent single points of failure. To monitor and maintain container security for governance at scale, AKS supports advanced identity and access management as well.

Secure Data Storage in Azure Blob Storage with Local Data Centers

YMCS is hosted in Azure Blob Storage. And in accordance with local legal and regulatory requirements, all the data is securely stored in Virginia, USA, and Paris, France. And they are extremely secure via role-based access control (RBAC), as well as encryption at rest and advanced threat protection.

Comprehensive Cloud-First Deployment with Microsoft Credentials and Advanced Security Measures for Secure Sign-in and Access in YMCS Portal

Because of the YMCS portal’s comprehensive cloud-first deployment, users can also sign in from the YMCS site using Microsoft Azure Active Directory, delivering single sign-on technology (SSO), multifactor authentication, and conditional access to protect against cybersecurity attacks and provide users with a convenient and compliant solution.

Looking to The Future

With these features, Yealink’s cloud service is more secure than ever. Moreover, migrating to Azure provides Yealink and its customers with a solid solution. “As Yealink continues to innovate and evolve YMCS platform, Microsoft Azure will be there to support us. Taking advantage of the flexibility and enterprise-grade reliability that Azure provides, Yealink can easily adapt to changing business needs and customer demands,” said Alvin Liao.

The collaboration of YMCS and Microsoft Azure is a significant step forward for the platform and organizations looking to collaborate more effectively and securely. Yealink and Microsoft are working in tandem to help our customers truly embrace the power of ‘Easy Collaboration, High Productivity”.

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