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Yieldmo Announces ML-driven Privacy-First Marketplace

Yieldmo’s Smart Exchange harnesses the power of Contextual Reimagined

Yieldmo, a leading advertising technology company, today announced the debut of its privacy-first marketplace that analyzes the impression, not the audience, to deliver results for future-focused brands. The Privacy-First Marketplace is driven with machine-learning in real time, all with no cookies required.

Yieldmo’s Smart Exchange harnesses the power of Contextual Reimagined™ by going beyond keywords and content to analyze all the contextual signals available when an ad is served: situational, topical, environmental and attention signals. Then, it analyzes those signals in real time to curate the inventory sent to the DSP, so you only bid on the impressions likely to deliver your goals.

“For the last seven years, the team at Yieldmo has been building a Smart Exchange that curates advertising inventory to efficiently drive advertiser goals through optimization,” says Eric Picard, Yieldmo’s chief product officer. “Privacy-First inventory doesn’t need cookies or other IDs, since our platform focuses on Inventory, not audiences, we can find valuable impressions missed in an audience-only strategy, often at a lower cost than addressable.”

Additionally, newly named SVP, global supply partnerships Zach Rosen highlights that the Smart Exchange means that on the supply-side, publishers can find new opportunities for monetization with their growing pool of non-addressable inventory. “With the deprecation of the third party cookie, publishers will also see large amounts of their inventory become unaddressable. Monetizing non-addressable inventory is a critical industry issue, and Yieldmo is committed to helping publishers tackle this challenge. We’re now enabling publishers to offer their own Privacy-First Deals, representing this capability through their own sales force.”

The Privacy-First Marketplace is only available on Yieldmo’s Smart Exchange, and is made available through dynamically curated Deals. This new offering optimizes campaigns across privacy-first inventory, to turn the constraints of non-addressable inventory into opportunity. Advertisers can use always-on deals that can be used over and over across campaigns, or deals that are curated based on the goals of a specific campaign. The Privacy-First Marketplace is available across all pipes and formats, and the deals are easily activated in any DSP with no separate workflow needed.

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