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Zeitworks Launches for Co. Analyze & Transform Business Processes

Out of Private Beta, Startup’s Platform Offers AI-Driven Insights into People, Processes & Productivity

Zeitworks, an AI-powered business process intelligence platform that provides enterprises with the data-driven insights and tools they need to continuously improve the health and productivity of their team and business process operations, today announces its launch out of private beta on the heels of its recent fundraise from top tier investors. Zeitworks was cofounded in 2020 by serial entrepreneurs and veteran machine learning application developers Jay Bartot and Kalpana Narayanaswamy after being incubated at Madrona Venture Labs.

Employers face new challenges with the surge in remote work, the Great Resignation, and the competitive talent crunch. In today’s changing work environment, managers and employees need innovative products and tools to provide transparency into their business process operations, keeping teams cohesive while maintaining high levels of productivity and efficiency. But insights into how work gets done and process efficiency are challenging to achieve with legacy manual, expensive, and time-consuming consulting engagements.

Launched today, Zeitworks offers unprecedented transparency into how teams really work, giving them the ability to continuously measure and improve the execution of work and inefficient business processes found across many industries. The company is now onboarding new customers in industries laden with information processing work and teams, such as fintech, insurtech, e-commerce, and healthcare. The intelligence Zeitworks provides helps businesses drive down operations costs, increase the stability and capacity of teams, and improve their bottom line.

“The success of our pilot program reflects how Zeitworks’ human-centric, rather than a top-down approach to understanding and optimizing repetitive business processes and operations, goes beyond automation. We learned a ton about the needs of both managers and workers, which inspired us to expand the capabilities of our product and generalize our technology platform to handle a variety of situations and environments,” said Jay Bartot, co-founder and CEO of Zeitworks. “Our platform allows customers to keep a finger on the pulse of their teams and their work. Unlike the competition, we empower them to continuously improve their processes to maximize productivity and keep teams cohesive while moving towards common and measurable goals.”

At the core of Zeitworks’ platform is desktop process mining technology powered by a software sensor that passively observes and measures teams as they go about their daily work, uninterrupted. Collected data is continuously ingested by Zeitworks’ cloud machine learning technology, which finds sequential patterns of business process instances and activities. The properties of the identified processes are calculated and analyzable across many dimensions in a new self-serve Analytics Portal. Features include:

  • An easily digestible analytic overview of both business process execution and team performance
  • Interactive drill-in and inspection of outliers cases and anomalous user behavior
  • New efficiency metrics that predict worker productivity and process complexity
  • Innovative visualizations that reveal detailed cross-application flows and user behavior
  • Richer data extraction and pattern discovery from systems of record like Salesforce & productivity tools like MSFT Office
  • Like a personal fitness tracker, the ability to set and track goals, helping teams quantify progress toward greater productivity and efficiency

“Zeitworks has been able to shine a light on how our team really spends their time; helping us validate some of our hunches and establish benchmarks to evaluate how our process and technology improvements are helping our teams work more efficiently and effectively,” said Jeremy Ames, Co-Founder & CPO of Guidant Financial.

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