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ZeOmega Launches HealthFeed SMS Texting

Integration of HealthFeed into Jiva Member Engagement Navigator enhances communication channels for real-time, personalized engagement, driving better health outcomes and reducing costs

ZeOmega, the leading population health management organization, today launched an integration with HealthFeed, a multi-channel member engagement platform, to deliver critical information, reminders, and personalized messages directly to health plan members’ mobile devices. This integration enhances ZeOmega’s Jiva Member Engagement Navigator with Jiva SMS Text, a TCPA and HIPAA-compliant feature designed to reach high-risk and high-cost member cohorts, ultimately improving engagement and fostering proactive care management.

65% of U.S. adults feel managing healthcare is “overwhelming” and “time-consuming” and engaging members in their healthcare poses a persistent challenge for many health plans. While health-related mobile apps aim to alleviate these hurdles, individuals are reluctant to add more to their devices’ volume of applications. ZeOmega’s integration with HealthFeed enables plans to reach members in real-time, through the convenience of texting, without requiring them to open and manage another mobile app.

Leveraging SMS texting within a closed-loop referral system provides instant and reliable communication, ensuring accessibility and inclusivity for all patients – including those with challenging social determinants of health – and achieves higher engagement rates compared to other communication methods.

“We are excited to integrate the HealthFeed Texting Solution into ZeOmega’s Jiva Member Engagement Navigator, expanding our digital health ecosystem with more user-friendly solutions,” said Suhas Ramachandra, VP, Product Strategy & Innovations at ZeOmega. “This partnership helps our customers deliver the right message to the right member at the right time, positively addressing social determinants of health and driving better outcomes in a cost-effective manner.”

Other notable features and benefits of ZeOmega’s integration with HealthFeed SMS Text include:

  • Automation and tracking: This feature streamlines batch messaging and monitors engagement by triggering messages based on configured rules to enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of communication campaigns.
  • Clinical intelligence integration: By analyzing comprehensive member data and identifying high-risk populations, this feature enables tailored interventions that support the shift towards value-based care, leading to more effective, evidence-based decision-making.
  • Enhanced Member Engagement: The Jiva Member Engagement Navigator suite, including Jiva SMS Text, empowers healthcare organizations to deliver personalized care experiences, delivering messages in the member’s preferred language and channel, improving health outcomes and member satisfaction.

These capabilities allow healthcare teams to leverage an effective outreach channel directly from within their workflows, sending reminders and notifications, and embedding deep links to portals, applications, and educational materials.

“ZeOmega’s Member Engagement Navigator is a game-changer for automated omnichannel member engagement,” said Sai Ganesamoorthi, CEO of HealthFeed. “By combining these two best of breed solutions, ZeOmega can offer its customers a tool that will instantly improve member engagement and empower members to be more proactive about their care – a true win for all healthcare constituents.”

“HealthFeed’s SMS texting platform was the clear choice to enhance our care management portfolio,” said Matt Adamson, VP of Product Planning, ZeOmega. “We’re excited to supercharge our customers’ care management initiatives through this integration.”

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