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Zero Trust Pioneer John Kindervag Joins Traceable AI as an Advisor

Kindervag will bring his unique expertise in zero trust framework to Traceable AI in their mission to revolutionize API security

Traceable AI, the industry’s leading API security company, today announced that John Kindervag, known for creating the Zero Trust Model for cybersecurity, will be joining Traceable as an advisor. As one of the world’s foremost cybersecurity experts, Kindervag will be deeply involved in the product strategy for Traceable’s API Security Platform, as well as  helping Traceable educate the market on the urgency of prioritizing API security.

Kindervag, who currently serves as SVP, Cybersecurity Strategy, and Global Fellow at ON2IT, is the first in a series of experts to support Traceable’s mission to revolutionize the API security market. “APIs offer companies an unprecedented opportunity to drive economic growth,” shared Kindervag. “But most people don’t understand how they work or why they essentially offer hackers the most direct route to the sensitive data they’re seeking. Traceable understands both the economic potential as well as the danger that APIs present for organizations and their customers, and I’m excited to work with them on bringing API security to the forefront of the industry’s priorities.”

Kindervag joins Traceable at a time of rapid growth for the company, coming off the heels of record growth in 2022, and recent industry award recognition, including the TMCnet Zero Trust Excellence Award, The DEVIES Award, and The Cybersecurity Excellence Awards.  In addition to lending his voice and expertise, working closely with Traceable’s customers and his unparalleled expertise in the Zero Trust framework, Kindervag will help shape Traceable’s approach to product development and direction, to further empower Traceable to offer the industry and their customers innovative and advanced solutions for securing their APIs through the entire software development lifecycle.

“APIs have become the universal attack vector,” said Traceable Co-Founder and CTO, Sanjay Nagaraj. “In the past, hackers had to find ways of bypassing existing solutions, such as WAFs, DLP, and API Gateways, in order to find data and disrupt systems. Now, they can simply exploit an API, and obtain access to sensitive data, and not even have to exploit the other solutions in an organization’s security stack. APIs present the largest attack surface we have ever encountered in the industry. It’s for this very reason, we are committed to our mission to protect every API, and that includes bringing on the right experts to help us fulfill that mission. We are thrilled to be working with John Kindervag, an industry pioneer who understands both the economic potential for APIs, as well as the urgency of API security, but also has the expertise to help us realize the full potential of Zero Trust in relation to APIs. Zero Trust without API security is simply not Zero Trust, and we are well on our way to providing the industry with innovative solutions to enhance and build on the Zero Trust framework.”

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