Zesty launches Compression Feature for Zesty Disk

While presenting at AWS re:Invent this year, Zesty also announced that Zesty Disk is now publicly available on the AWS Marketplace, standardizing users’ integration of the leading block storage auto-scaling technology

Zesty, a pioneer of automated cloud cost optimization, today announced the launch of its compression feature for Zesty Disk. The compression feature is available on Zesty Disk, Zesty’s cloud native storage optimization solution. The new compression capabilities minimize the overall amount of space that data is consuming in Amazon Elastic Block Store (Amazon EBS) volume, allowing companies to reduce both their data footprint and storage costs. With this compression feature, Zesty Disk can compress EBS storage by approximately 50%, with minimal performance overhead.

Powered by AI, Zesty Disk eliminates the tradeoff between cloud performance and cost efficiency by automatically right-sizing disk storage according to real-time business needs. Its auto-scaling capabilities introduce a set-and-forget experience, freeing DevOps engineers from manual optimization and management tasks, and can reduce cloud storage costs by up to 70% when utilized optimally, offering Amazon EBS users increased value, resiliency, and ease of use.

Cloud infrastructure spending is projected to reach $101.4 billion this year.  As the default storage provisioned when running applications with Amazon EC2 instances, Amazon EBS under-utilization and over-provisioning can become extremely expensive. With Zesty Disk, users cut spend on provisioned resources down to used storage levels. Zesty Disk’s compression feature shrinks those used storage levels down even further, increasing maximum storage savings capabilities.

“While organizations everywhere scramble to cut costs, many overlook the massive potential of cloud storage optimization. Large enterprises waste hundreds of thousands of dollars on average every year on overprovisioned EBS resources alone,” said Alexey Baikov, CTO and co-founder of Zesty. “This new compression capability marks a turning point for Zesty Disk in its journey towards bringing an enterprise-grade storage solution to Amazon EBS. By applying well-known industry algorithms to compress data, the compression feature reduces users’ cloud footprints by up to 50%, with virtually no impact on performance.”

Zesty Disk is also newly available on the AWS Marketplace, allowing AWS customers to locate, deploy, and manage the storage auto-scaler more easily. AWS Marketplace availability increases the transparency between Zesty’s dashboard data and AWS billing for users’ finance departments and standardizes solution integration by allowing engineers to onboard via the Marketplace which is the number one demand of CXOs procuring software solutions via a cloud provider’s marketplace.

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