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Zilliant Announces End-to-End Rebate Management Solution

  • Replaces manual processes and spreadsheets to optimize, streamline and manage this crucial, customer-incentivizing activity
  • Provides greater visibility and control over customer enrollment in rebate programs and makes rebates actionable for sales
  • Builds upon Zilliant’s innovative leadership in helping B2B companies transform how they use data to price and sell

Zilliant, the industry leader in intelligent B2B price optimization, price management and sales guidance software, today announced a new end-to-end solution to simplify and optimize rebate management for pricing, finance, accounting and sales functions. Zilliant Rebate Management allows companies to drive revenue and volume in a simplified manner by taking the rebate management process out of manual tools and into their flexible, cloud-native Price Manager™ software solution.

Zilliant’s innovative Price Manager™ solution powers intelligent commerce by eliminating burdensome tasks, managing all price types with ease, generating and delivering omnichannel pricing, and now by streamlining the onerous rebate management process to enhance efficiency and drive revenue. This solution enables users to define and publish rebate programs, optimize rebate programs, simulate forward-looking program effectiveness, run accruals, track rebate payments due, and perform backward-looking waterfall analysis to measure the profit impact of past rebate programs.

Zilliant’s Rebate Management solution is further enhanced with the capabilities of Zilliant Campaign Manager™ and Zilliant Deal Manager™.

With Campaign Manager™, Zilliant customers can create campaigns to notify sales reps of accounts close to meeting rebate thresholds to incentivize additional sales.

Deal Manager™, designed for sales reps, provides rebate-tracking visuals for each account, and allows sales users to enroll customers in rebate programs, modify customer-specific rebate terms and create simple rebate programs. This powerful application also enables users to link customer-specific rebates to existing and new customer agreements.

“While rebates are a powerful tool to grow revenue with customers, they are complex and cumbersome to execute given deal structure variation, the time-lapse between rebates and payouts, and the many stakeholders that must work in concert to effectively manage them,” Zilliant Senior Vice President of Products and Science Pete Eppele said. “The ability to simulate forward-looking program effectiveness in terms of profit impact before issuing rebate agreements, optimize rebate programs, and to centralize accruals and tracking of rebate payments differentiate Zilliant’s approach to rebate management. This capability further extends our market-leading optimization capabilities and is the latest innovation delivering on our ongoing commitment to help our customers use data to more intelligently deploy strategies that grow revenue and margin.”

One of the biggest challenges with rebate programs has always been getting a company’s disparate pricing, finance, accounting and sales functions to all be on the same page. Zilliant Rebate Management solution does just that, allowing companies to stop managing this complicated, multi-departmental process manually using spreadsheets and legacy systems. Zilliant’s Rebate Management solution provides customers with a powerful, integrated and new method to drive a more intelligent approach to commerce by wrapping rebate management into their existing pricing programs, centralizing and streamlining the process. The result is greater visibility and control over rebates across an organization to incentivize customers and drive revenue.

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