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zkMe and QuestN announced partnership

QuestN, a leading web3 marketing growth and analysis platform, has teamed up with zkMe to integrate MeID, a groundbreaking Proof-of-Personhood solution. This partnership ensures quest givers protection against bot and sybil attacks while protecting the privacy and data security of sensitive user data.

This is made possible by utilizing zkMe’s cutting-edge fully homomorphic encryption (FHE) technology. During the liveness verification, a faceprint describing the geometric shape of the user’s facial features is created and immediately encrypted directly on the end user device; no unencrypted private data ever leaves the user device. The FH encryption allows for likeness comparisions to be performed on the encrypted data without requiring data decryption nor direct access to special categories of protected user data. This innovative approach ensures that each user is assigned a unique decentralized identifier (DID) based on their face without compromising on decentralization, nor user privacy. Just like the solution’s motto – “One Face One DID”.

Promoters and quest givers can now ensure the maximal effectiveness of any campaigns they run on QuestN, as they no longer have to worry about prizes being claimed by automated or duplicate accoutns. Meanwhile, users can maintain their anonymity while participating in community activities.

zkMe is revolutionizing identity management with this highly private Identity Oracle approach. In addition to anti-bot and anti-sybil services, zkMe offers fully compliant, end-to-end zero-knowledge-proof (ZKP) powered credentials (zkKYC, zkGeofencing) and user profiling (financial, gaming, educational, and fandom footprint) services.
Adhering to their design philosophies – Private-by-design, Secure-by-design, & Decentralized-by-design – zkMe ensures that all data managed by MeID and zkMe products remains completely private. No party, including zkMe, QuestN, or any quest creators, has ever access to the underlying private data, nor is this data stored on the user’s device. MeID also provides essential tools for builders to manage incentives, voting, funding, and more in a fair and transparent manner, thereby maximizing user acceptance.

Some of the key features of MeID include:

  • Airdrop eligibility verification
  • Prevention of flash loan exploits from unverified users
  • Fair voting based on verified entities

As the integration of web3 with the broader tech world continues to evolve, identity management plays a pivotal role. Addressing the privacy concerns of the web3 community, zkMe ensures a level playing field that is both fair and private, embodying their slogan: “you, privately verified”.

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