Zyter IoT Platform Introduces Comprehensive Home Health, Tele-ICU

Brings Hospital to the Home; Supports Proactive Monitoring Post Discharge and Tele-ICU

Zyter®, a leading digital health and IoT-enablement platform, announced today the availability of Zyter Home Health and Remote Patient Monitoring™(RPM), a comprehensive, ready-to-deploy solution that extends healthcare and monitoring beyond traditional settings, making it easier for patients to participate in their own care and actively manage their conditions.

Leveraging a vendor-agnostic platform enables clinicians, health plans, and care delivery systems alike to deeply integrate RPM across any available population, seamlessly linking at-risk populations with easy access to manage their chronic conditions and interact with their care teams.

Integrated with the company’s digital health platform, Zyter Home Health and Remote Patient Monitoring seamlessly tracks data from a blood pressure cuff, pulse oximeter, digital weight scale, or blood glucose monitor.  Device readings from easy-to-wear, FDA-approved devices support proactive disease management including patient-generated data such as meal tagging. In addition, activity checklists and surveys encourage patient participation, enhancing care team interactions. Zyter Home Health and remote Patient Monitoring also provides patients with the opportunity for self-care and self-triage using smart exams.

A host of options exist for implementing custom rules to fine-tune workflows and support early intervention. Paired with Zyter’s Telehealth product, patients can easily sync their data quickly and easily while tracking progress toward their clinical goals.

The Zyter RPM solution will soon support over 350 consumer devices in the marketplace, and offers both standalone and deeply integrated solutions, enhancing existing workflow tools and minimizing disruption. Such a wide range of support will enable healthcare organizations to adopt a Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) strategy, which can decrease costs while improving quality of care.

Zyter Home Health and Remote Patient Monitoring can be customized and branded to meet market requirements, easily integrating with optional modules extending traditional workflows, including scheduling, patient smart exams, and multiple communication modalities. This facilitates the management of multiple chronic conditions using a wide array of clinical tools. In addition, Zyter has partnered with industry leaders to facilitate device logistics, including warehousing, delivery and retrieval, sanitizing, and patient-facing technical support. 

“By providing the tools that put real-time data in the hands of clinicians, Zyter removes guesswork and helps support patients on their health journey,” said Sanjay Govil, founder and CEO of Zyter, Inc. “In addition to improving patient engagement in their care, remote patient monitoring also offers significant efficiency, convenience and cost saving advantages to providers.”

Zyter Home Health and Remote Patient Monitoring has been deployed at a U.S. military healthcare system where it is used as a Tele-ICU solution. Data from devices connected to intensive care unit patients located at military bases around the world are monitored from a central location in the United States using a secure mobile app and web-based desktop application. When a device alerts there has been a change in the patient’s vital signs, nurses in the U.S. are able to seamlessly collaborate with nurses and physicians at the local military base. This has resulted in significant cost and labor efficiencies while still maintaining exceptional quality of care.

To request a product demonstration or to learn more about Zyter Home Health and Remote Patient Monitoring, please visit

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