45Drives joins Ceph Foundation at Diamond Level

45Drives, a trailblazer in open-source storage solutions, proudly announces its membership in the Ceph Foundation at the Diamond level. This strategic alliance underscores 45Drives’ unwavering commitment to advancing open-source technology and empowering organizations worldwide.

Why Ceph? At 45Drives, we believe in the transformative power of collaboration. Our technical partnership with Ceph—a robust, unified, distributed storage system—fuels our mission to provide highly available storage clusters. By harnessing Ceph’s capabilities, we empower businesses to achieve scalability, reliability, and seamless data management. Doug Milburn, co-founder and president of 45Drives, said, “Our Diamond membership in the Ceph Foundation reflects our unwavering commitment to open-source excellence. Together, we’ll continue to redefine storage solutions for the modern era.”

The Ceph Foundation unites key stakeholders from commercial, government, and educational sectors. These visionaries pool their financial resources and collaborate on investment, development, marketing, and community events to propel the Ceph open-source project forward. Organized under the Linux Foundation, the Ceph Foundation serves as a vital resource for the Ceph community, fostering coordination and collaboration among industry leaders and community members.

Ceph remains true to its open-source philosophy by entrusting technical development to the hands of the developer community. The Ceph Leadership Team (CLT) guides the project’s technical direction, ensuring that Ceph continues to thrive as a dynamic, community-driven solution.

Membership in the Ceph Foundation is tiered, reflecting varying levels of commitment and engagement. As a Diamond member, 45Drives actively contributes to the Ceph ecosystem, shaping its future and driving innovation. Our dedication extends beyond financial support—we participate in technical discussions, share insights, and collaborate with fellow Ceph enthusiasts. Being part of the Ceph Foundation offers numerous advantages that benefit the 45Drives ecosystem and customer base. From networking opportunities to early access to cutting-edge features, our membership enhances our ability to serve our clients and the broader storage community. Key benefits of membership include:

  • Influence and Impact: As a Diamond member, 45Drives has a direct say in shaping Ceph’s roadmap. Our feedback influences feature development and ensures alignment with real-world storage needs.
  • Collaboration: We engage with other industry leaders, sharing best practices and collectively advancing storage technology. Through collaborative efforts, we drive innovation and address common challenges.
  • Visibility: Our association with the Ceph Foundation enhances our brand visibility. It signals our commitment to open-source excellence and positions us as thought leaders in the storage space.
  • Access to Expertise: We tap into a global network of Ceph experts, benefiting from their knowledge and experience. This collaborative environment fosters learning and growth.

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