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Argo Translation’s AI-Driven Translation to reduce project cost by 40%

Leading translation company Argo Translation’s latest tailored translation solution leverages state-of-the-art artificial intelligence and deep learning technology to provide customers with an average of 40% cost and 50% time savings.

Argo Translation, a Chicago-based language services company, announced today the launch of its latest innovative service offering: AI-driven translation. The solution creates custom AI models with each customer’s propriety content and delivers unparalleled accuracy and fluency, transforming how businesses communicate across global markets.

Created by applying the recent advancements in AI and deep learning, Argo Translation’s semi-custom to fully trained AI-driven translation models offer accurate, context-aware translations, enabling businesses of any size and budget to effortlessly engage with a global audience.

Argo Translation’s 29 years of expertise allow the language service provider to fuse decades-long human translation insights with cutting-edge AI technology to develop highly specialized models that not only understand the nuances of language but also reflect the specific terminology, tone, and stylistic preferences unique to each customer’s domain. The AI-optimized workflow also allows for human post-editing options that can further increase quality while taking a fraction of a human translator’s time.

Peter Argondizzo, co-founder of Argo Translation, shares, “We’ve already created AI models for some of our largest customers, and the results have been outstanding. This translation technology is truly game-changing; the optimal intersection between AI, legacy translation work, and solid editing is finally here.”

This revolutionary approach empowers customers to benefit from a translation solution deeply rooted in the rich linguistic expertise of the past, yet fully equipped to meet the dynamic demands of the future.

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