66degrees unveils Cloud Evolve

66degrees, a leading AI and Data consulting company, today announced the launch of Cloud Evolve, a comprehensive managed services offering designed to empower businesses to harness the full potential of AI, Data, and Cloud technologies. Cloud Evolve accelerates development, improves uptime, and powers transformation – all with one cost-effective managed service.

“We created Cloud Evolve to solve key challenges modern organizations face that legacy managed services offerings have not addressed. Cloud Evolve accelerates and supports AI, Data Engineering, Analytics, and DevOps solutions with one single service and team,” said Sean Anderson, SVP Managed Solutions, 66degrees. “We have seen incredible results for our clients in a short time, including 40% reductions in incidents, 80% reductions in resolution times, and 50% increases in development speed and efficiency. Our results show that our approach enhances our clients’ operations while helping them achieve their goals. Historically, companies managed their cloud – we help them evolve.”

Cloud Evolve caters to the specific needs of AI, Data, Analytics, and Cloud initiatives, with one singular service and low monthly cost – no add-ons or change orders needed.

  • Cloud Evolve for AI: Drive continuous innovation with end-to-end coverage, including deploying and tuning AI models, resolving model drift and performance degradation, and optimizing operations and hardware.
  • Cloud Evolve for Data and Analytics: Activate your data while maintaining your platforms, warehouses, and pipelines, as well as all of your analytics and visualization solutions. Cloud Evolve Data & Analytics experts augment your team and enable you to transform your organization into a data-driven enterprise.
  • Cloud Evolve for Cloud: In addition to AI, Data, and Analytics expertise, Cloud Evolve offers a team of experts spanning Cloud Engineering, Security, and DevOps, delivering total cloud coverage with a single service.

Cloud Evolve includes three modules to provide comprehensive cloud coverage:

  • Insight: Gain actionable insights through expert analysis and trusted intelligence to guide your cloud strategy and achieve cloud excellence.
  • Uptime: Support continuous availability with 24/7/365 incident response and resolution, minimizing downtime and maximizing user satisfaction.
  • Sprint: Leverage agile delivery methodologies with flexible, backlog-driven development to expedite projects and deliver new features faster.

Cloud Evolve Case Study: Client Achieves Downtime-Free Migration and Improved Performance with Cloud Evolve

A SaaS company running on AWS partnered with 66degrees to leverage Cloud Evolve for cloud migration and modernization. Their goals were cost reduction, improved scalability, and enhanced security. Cloud Evolve facilitated a downtime-free migration to Google Cloud, with automation, improved networking, and security solutions.

Results included:

  • Delivered modernization, driving reduced latency, improved security, and 50% faster deployments.
  • Downtime-free migration and a 20% reduction in incidents.
  • A scalable, extensible environment capable of supporting new AI and data workloads.

“Today we encounter leaders who build cutting-edge AI, Data, and Cloud solutions that will transform their enterprises, only to realize that these solutions need care and ongoing iteration to achieve their full potential. Cloud Evolve is the answer to this problem,” said 66degrees’ CEO, Ben Kessler. “With this managed services offering, 66degrees offers cost-effective 24/7/365 incident resolution and sprint-based development that allows organizations to extract the full value from their AI, Data, and Cloud solutions, ultimately making the vision of an AI- and Data-enabled future a reality.” 

Getting Started with Cloud Evolve
Connect with us to learn more about Cloud Evolve and how our trusted experts can help you drive your AI, Data, and Cloud initiatives forward.

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