Synthetaic forms Five-Year Strategic partnership with Microsoft

Synthetaic will take advantage of Microsoft’s investment of significant cloud GPU compute access to fuel its RAIC AI image processing technology as it pushes the boundaries of AI supercomputing.

Synthetaic, a leading provider of advanced artificial intelligence (AI) solutions, and has announced a five-year strategic partnership agreement with Microsoft aimed at revolutionizing AI data and cloud solutions. As part of this agreement, Microsoft is providing Synthetaic access to nearly 1 million hours (about 114 years) of cloud compute resources. This strategic collaboration will unlock a new era of possibilities in computer vision and data analysis, with a wide range of benefits across defense and intelligence, commercial, and non-government agency applications.

This partnership will help significantly accelerate innovation with Synthetaic’s key product, the Rapid Automatic Image Categorization (RAIC) tool. RAIC, built on Microsoft Azure, enables unparalleled search capabilities through automated data labelling, allowing for the exploration of massive global datasets, without the need for pretraining or structuring. RAIC was instrumental in the tracing of suspected Chinese balloon flights through 18 trillion pixels of Earth observation imagery without a pretrained model using a rough sketch and unlabeled data.

Through this partnership, Synthetaic will integrate with Microsoft Azure Space capabilities to pioneer new solutions that leverage the speed and versatility of AI to process geospatial, static and video imagery for a range of use cases from national security, disaster response, and environmental and sustainability operations.

“Using AI to extract insights from image data is like building a fire: you need heat (AI algorithm), fuel (data), and oxygen (compute),” according to Corey Jaskolski, Synthetaic Founder and CEO. “This partnership allows us to combine Azure’s GPU compute and fast data storage running next to our algorithms, which enables our customers to process massive quantities of visual data into actionable insights and models in minutes. We built this entire tool on Azure from day one knowing that we could count on Microsoft to take care of the cloud components so we could focus on our unique innovations.”

By leveraging Microsoft’s new investment in compute power, major discoveries can be made possible through RAIC through the greatly increased speed to insight made possible by eliminating the need for labor-intensive human-labeling when building AI models.

“AI has the power to unlock an enormous amount of information and insights in the vast quantities of data collected by government and organizations around the world. These insights can help solve some our nation’s biggest challenges, whether it’s more effectively tackling climate change, responding to natural disasters or strengthening our national security,” said Jason Zander, Executive Vice President, Strategic Missions and Technologies, Microsoft. He added, “Through this partnership with Synthetaic, we are combining our latest advances in AI with their data analytics tools to help expand our understanding of our world.”

With RAIC on Azure, along with Microsoft’s comprehensive suite of services and tools, the power of Synthetaic’s AI solutions will be accessible at scale across the globe. This accessibility will benefit Synthetaic and Microsoft customers, partners, and users, facilitating seamless integrations that will revolutionize the way data is explored, analyzed, and utilized on a global scale, unlocking the true potential of AI.

Further, the availability of RAIC through Microsoft Azure Government Cloud will enable United States government agencies to leverage AI while meeting the high security and compliance standards necessary for sensitive government data. This strategic partnership will facilitate the adoption of advanced AI technology adoption in sectors where security and compliance are paramount, providing Synthetaic with a trusted and secure platform for deploying their cutting-edge AI solutions.

As an extension of this partnership, Synthetaic has been selected to participate in Microsoft’s Pegasus Program, which was developed to unlock opportunities by bridging the gap between startup solutions and enterprise challenges. This program selects companies from the startup community who are building with Microsoft technology. This program will allow Synthetaic to develop future innovations within Microsoft products and create new AI-driven capabilities for its customers.

This long-term partnership has been growing with early support from TitletownTech, a Wisconsin-based early-stage venture capital firm, anchored by Microsoft and the Green Bay Packers. TitletownTech first invested in Synthetaic in 2020, leading to faster growth and innovation to solve critical problems with AI.

This partnership extends beyond the realms of business and technology. By combining Synthetaic’s AI for Impact program with Microsoft’s AI for Good initiative, the same cutting-edge technologies that drive government and commercial successes will be directed towards nonprofit organizations and NGOs addressing critical climate, conservation, and humanitarian issues. This collaboration showcases a commitment to utilizing advanced AI solutions for the betterment of society as a whole.

By harnessing the collective expertise and resources of both companies, this collaboration promises to reshape the way industries leverage AI, driving innovation, and delivering meaningful impact.

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