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Bitwarden expands Splunk Cloud Integration to Advance SIEM

New integration features include custom dashboards and enhanced SIEM capabilities, empowering users with improved security monitoring and analytics across platforms

Bitwarden, the trusted security leader for passwords, secrets, and passkey management, today announced the expansion of its Splunk integration to include Splunk Cloud compatibility, enhancing security and event management (SIEM) capabilities. This integration enables organizations using both Splunk Enterprise and Splunk Cloud installations to use the Bitwarden event logs app for advanced security monitoring, streamlined data access, and robust event insights.

The expanded Bitwarden Splunk integration includes:

  • Comprehensive event monitoring: Organizations can monitor over 60 types of events including user activities, vault modifications, and organizational changes, extending SIEM coverage to include Bitwarden interactions alongside traditional network events.
  • Analysis and visibility: The Bitwarden event logs app enables the use of three pre-built dashboards – authentication events, vault item events, and organization events – alongside custom dashboard creation for increased operational visibility and immediate security insights.
  • Proactive security alerts: Set custom alerts to proactively detect and respond to security threats, enhancing the ability to quickly address unauthorized access attempts or credential usage.
  • Operational flexibility and control: Self-host options for Bitwarden and Splunk empower organizations to have complete control over security data and infrastructure to meet compliance and security requirements.
  • Offboarding reports: Generate concise reports detailing the credentials accessed by former employees, enhancing security and control during employee transitions.
  • Real-time insights: Increased transparency into security and compliance management, assisting in risk identification, mitigation, and reporting.

Integration details and availability

The integration is now available across Splunk Enterprise, Splunk Cloud Classic, and Splunk Cloud Victoria platforms, accessible through the Bitwarden event logs app that can be found in the Splunk installation’s UI.

For detailed setup instructions and to explore the full capabilities of this integration, please visit Help: Splunk SIEM on the Bitwarden website.

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