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A starter’s guide to Analytics Automation

A starter’s guide to Analytics Automation highlighting its role in Marketing with reference to Alteryx, a leading APA provider

Data and Decision making go hand in hand, and that is a fact, established by almost every organization, that excels in its decision making processes. But the problem arises when the data is mere raw data, unprocessed, and in dire need to be analysed.
Now, even the existence of data means there lies a potential for it to be converted into meaningful information that can back the selection of a decision maker, all that needs to be done is the analysis of this data.

Data analysis is an essential part of every process of a company, but it is also a process that needs experienced professionals in the said field in order to make sense of what is being analyzed and how can it be of use and value to the organization. And, it is also a time-consuming function.

Enters APA!

APA or Analytic Process Automation is the technology that empowers the people of a company to share data, automate the analysis process, and derive meaningful information out of the processed data. Since it is an automated process, employees wouldn’t need to be experts in programming or data science or even data analysis. Even a person from a completely unrelated field, for example, an accountant, can make use of APA to unlock deep, actionable insights and put it to use for amplifying the outcome.

How does Analytics Automation Actually Work?

  1. Wider access to information is made available across the organization via self-service powered by AI/ML
  2. Tedious and Complex tasks are automated so that anybody can analyze the data
  3. The employees of the company are now set on the journey to independently work with a data-driven approach in all their tasks.

How APA solves Modern Day Marketer’s Problems seamlessly?

Marketing is one arena that is highly dynamic and requires the marketers to make decisions based on fluctuating market trends and customer preferences and choices. What happens often is that by the time the marketers collect, analyze, understand, and utilize the data, the market changes and the trends shift. With APA modern day marketers can streamline their approach and seamlessly empower their decision-making skills.

Alteryx is a leading APA provider that is a pioneer in this particular field. The company offers a wide range of solutions in addition to its APA platform that makes the digital transformation journeys of customers extremely smooth and efficient.

Some of the major benefits of APA platforms such as Alteryx’s are – 

  • Business case users start with creating quick analytics and data science outcomes without the need for any specialized skill set.
  • A boost in the deliverables of insights directly into the applications and straight up to the stakeholder
  • Running diagnostic and predictive analytics in a couple of hours or days as opposed to elongated timeframes.
  • Access to hidden insights to accelerate the achievement of business goals via data.

Automation Analytics is revamping the face of the data science and analytics business by decomplexifying tedious processes via advanced automation and deploying APA is the need of the hour for better ROI.

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