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AI Experts Provide Comprehensive Insights in Real World AI

New book offers full lifecycle, story-backed best practices for launching and scaling successful and responsible AI programs

Appen Limited (ASX:APX), the leading provider of high-quality training data for leading companies that develop machine learning, speech recognition, and computer vision algorithms, today announced a new book, Real World AI: A Practical Guide for Responsible Machine Learning, authored by Wilson Pang, Appen CTO, and Alyssa Simpson Rochwerger, director of product management at Blue Shield of California and former Appen VP of AI and data. Available now on, Real World AI lays out a human-centric, responsible approach to deploying AI using tried and tested knowledge from industry leaders. This practical guide to deploying AI lays out a human-first, responsible approach that has seen more than three times the success rate when compared to the industry average.

When AI works, companies are able to delight customers, but when AI fails, it can result in a devastating waste of time, money and even reputation. According to industry analysts, deploying AI initiatives to production is a treacherous process, with over 80% of initiatives never making it past pilot stage. However, organizations working on AI projects now have a new tool they can leverage to deploy AI with confidence. Real World AI highlights learnings from global enterprises and startups, and it features personal experiences from dozens of people who have worked on global AI deployments that impact billions of people every day, both from a technologist and from a business perspective.

“When it comes to AI projects, having large amounts of data and annotating it isn’t the only critical ingredient,” said Wilson Pang. “You and your team have to pick the right problem to solve, account for multiple variables around bias, and approach the problem with high-quality data. This is the first book that provides practical advice for achieving AI success through the lens of responsible AI.”

In Real World AI, Pang and Rochwerger walk through an approach to AI that can give businesses confidence to move forward. The authors provide:

  • Examples of AI strategies that succeeded and failed
  • Practical guidance on developing a successful AI strategy
  • Advice and examples on identifying the “Goldilocks” problem to solve
  • Requirements for ensuring responsible AI, with a focus on data and governance
  • Insights into the AI journey – from pilot to maturity

“Building AI is hard. Every team pioneering AI has faced challenges trying to launch working scalable projects, and most pilots never made it to production or served customers particularly well,” said Alyssa Simpson Rochwerger. “In Real World AI, we share our stories to help companies optimize their AI journey by avoiding common mistakes, focusing on the right problem, and building a responsible, data-driven AI strategy that will lead to success.”

Praise for Real World AI

Tom Taulli, columnist,; author of Artificial Intelligence Basics
“Building an effective and responsible AI system, which drives strong ROI, is far from easy. But if companies want to thrive and remain competitive, they will need to find ways to be successful. There is really no alternative. But the good news is that this book provides a solid roadmap, which is backed up with real-world use cases and actionable advice.”

Maribel Lopez, Analyst, Speaker, Author of The Right Time Experiences, Principal of Lopez Research
“This book will help business leaders tie AI and Machine Learning to real world business problems. Alyssa and Wilson have a unique ability to break it down for all of us in a way that we can all realize the benefits of AI in our everyday lives and underscores the importance of the quality of data in all that we do. This is a hands-on guide that talks to business leaders in business terms.”

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