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AI for Recruiting and Facilitating Skilled Workforce

AI for Recruiting has shown phenomenal outputs, increase in demand for AI-driven talent & skills. Read more to know about the job creation by and for AI.

Artificial Intelligence has had a bad reputation of taking away administrative jobs of people. Well, that may be true in some cases, but on the flipside, AI has contributed majorly to the job creation aspect of the economy. These are not the typical tech jobs, but advanced, data-based, engineering and development profiles that are disrupting the workforce landscape forever.

As technology grows, more and more people begin learning and gaining expertise on the subject matter, in turn making them a tech-ready-driven workforce.
Despite several job cuts, AI-based job roles and profile continued going upwards on the employment curve.

In fact, according to several reports, AI, Software development, Data Science, ML Engineering, IoT, and DevOps are some of the arenas that will witness new job title creation and a spike in hiring of professionals and experts in respective domains.

KPMG in India recently announced that the company is seeking to hire around 1000 tech professionals in the domains of AI, Business Intelligence, Cybersecurity, and Data Engineering.

This announcement comes as several organizations embrace the power of AI and surrounding technologies to reform their businesses and transform their operations. Additionally, AI has been used to not just enhance the tech workforce, but also in recruiting the top field in the relevant field, optimizing the entire talent acquisition lifecycle. KPMG helps such companies digitally transform themselves. And now with a great response to the application of advanced technologies, the firm wants to fully commit to address this growing demand.

The expansion of the AI spectrum is beneficial not just for business-led efficiencies, but now, also for enhanced employment generation. This escalation in the implementation of AI, cybersecurity, data engineering, and intelligence tools will drive the adoption of advanced technical skills, which is bound to refine the quality of the workforce.

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