AI-Powered Writing Platform, QuillBot, Launches Translation Tool

With 30 million users worldwide, QuillBot is one of the fastest-growing writing tools available for language learners

QuillBot, a pioneer in the application of AI to help individuals improve and perfect their writing skills, today announced the launch of a powerful new translator, which allows language learners to not only translate complex texts, but also compare languages side-by-side to understand and consider the nuances of sentence structure, word choice, and verb conjugation. With more than 30 supported languages, including French, Spanish, German, Ukrainian, and Japanese, QuillBot’s unique, AI-powered tools even allow users to make sense of idioms and other language quirks that often vex language learners.

“QuillBot, and in particular, our translator, grew out of our own personal experiences and challenges of needing accessible help to understand how to write well, while preserving original intent,” said Rohan Gupta, Co-founder and CEO of QuillBot. “We are committed to helping bridge cultural gaps and facilitating a deeper and more relatable understanding of text, as well as, coaching users through the most challenging facets of writing and helping them develop their skills.”

QuillBot’s AI-augmented writing platform, acquired by Learneo, Inc. (previously known as Course Hero, Inc.) in August 2021, has grown from 10 million monthly users in 2022 to more than 30 million monthly users today. The suite of writing resources and tools make the writing journey more complete from start to finish, particularly for language learners, where writers can ensure their grammar, spelling, punctuation, and citations are outstanding.

QuillBot offers an all-in-one co-writer space that combines multiple writing tools to help anyone learn to write accurately and fluently while clarifying and organizing their thoughts without having to switch tabs. The co-writing feature helps solve the cold-start problem by generating outlines for essays, blog posts and research papers and coaches writers on correct sentence fragments or other common grammatical mistakes. Additional features include:

  • Research, streamlines the process of identifying supporting material for inclusion within a larger body of work.
  • Citation Generator, enabling writers to automatically cite outside sources and properly give credit to writers and researchers when their material is used to support an argument or idea in accordance with APA, MLA, and Chicago style formats for both print and web sources.

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