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Airspan Networks Completes Successful End-to-End Open RAN Tests

Tests included:

  • interconnection between remote private cloud networks hosting Open RAN, 5G core
  • speed and latency performance validation
  • mobile edge computing, paving the way for critical 5G use cases like network slicing

Airspan Networks Inc. (“Airspan”), which provides ground-breaking, disruptive software and hardware for 5G network solutions, has successfully completed a series of tests with Hewlett Packard Enterprise (“HPE”) demonstrating the ability to integrate end-to-end Open RAN architecture into HPE’s 5G Standalone network core.

The companies validated successful interoperability for a full 5G end-to-end cloud native ecosystem through HPE 5G Core Stack and Airspan gNB and tested speed and latency performance to validate several use cases for public networks across Core, Edge and RAN, paving the way for additional tests to include network slicing and other critical 5G use cases.

“This successful series of tests with HPE is another example of our focus on innovation and accelerating the development of end-to-end Open RAN and 5G solutions,” said Eric Stonestrom, CEO of Airspan. “This collaboration with HPE, a global leader in 5G Core Networks and cloud solutions, is a great joint effort helping to accelerate Open RAN adoption and enhance the ecosystem.”

“Openness, scalability and disaggregation are key to our multi-vendor solutions strategy,” said Domenico Convertino, VP of product management, HPE Communications Technology Group (CTG). “We selected Airspan to integrate with our 5G Core Stack and Open RAN stack solutions because they are proven leaders of Open RAN solutions, and demonstrate the innovation, experience, and scale that our customers expect.”

Accelerating Open RAN Adoption

With more than 1,000 customers in over 100 countries worldwide, Airspan is at the forefront of 5G Open RAN hardware and software, with increasing convergence between fixed broadband and mobile use cases and operators. As 5G networks are rolled out, we believe Airspan’s innovative Open RAN technology has significant potential for growth serving incumbent and emerging carriers, as well as for addressing new private 5G segments, including in-building 5G, Distributed Antenna System (DAS) building replacements, connected and autonomous vehicles (CAVs), automated port operations, air-to-ground in-flight connectivity, Smart Industry 4.0 factories and optimized Smart Grid driven utilities.

Airspan believes the key to deploying Open RAN at scale is the ability to manage and orchestrate workloads across thousands of edge sites, which is why it focuses on key innovations, including intent-based orchestration and AI/ML based automation solutions. These solutions are designed to allow telcos to manage thousands of virtual machines (VMs), and hundreds of different virtual network functions (VNFs) and containerized network functions (CNFs), across the entire network.

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