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Akkio Launches AI Data Stories to Understand Predictive Models

Intuitive no code machine learning platform lets sales, marketing, and finance pros use their data to predict the future, without requiring an engineering degree

Akkio, a no-code machine learning (ML) platform for modern sales, marketing, and finance teams, announced today it has launched a new feature called Data Stories. Data Stories enable Akkio users to understand the inputs that are most predictive in driving the AI models they create. Data Stories help users overcome the “black box feeling” – the lack of confidence and trust many non-data scientists experience when creating predictive models.

Akkio’s no-code ML platform makes it possible for any technically-savvy user – not just data scientists and software engineers – to create and deploy AI predictive models. By making AI easy, Akkio opens up the power of AI to thousands of new applications where AI could be useful today. But these new users need different ways to understand and trust model performance than the highly technical ones data scientists use. That’s where Data Stories come in. Data Stories empower users to see, understand, and take action on their business data like never before.

According to a PWC report titled, “AI predictions 2021,” 52% of companies have accelerated their AI approach in the wake of the COVID-19 crisis and AI is paying off for them in concrete ways. They go on to say, “the future payoff is even greater and could give early adopters an edge that competitors may never be able to overtake.” Companies do not have time to solely build AI projects from the ground-up. To keep up, they need to use platforms like Akkio that will get them results faster.

Founded by execs from the wireless home audio company Sonos and the smart additive manufacturing company Markforged, Akkio was built based on a shared frustration: having massive amounts of data but very slow ways of using it to drive the business. And it wasn’t for a lack of trying. In their previous positions, Akkio’s founders hired hard-to-find and expensive-to-keep data scientists and used custom solutions implemented by consultants – the kind that cost a lot of money and took a long time to complete. But the queue of promising projects left unstaffed only grew. In the end, they wanted a self-serve ML platform that any department with data could use to take matters into their own hands. When they couldn’t find that they built it.

The result is fast, powerful, and flexible. Akkio can help enterprise sales teams score incoming leads, help telcos identify signs of customer churn, assist insurance companies in flagging which subscribers are more likely to incur large charges, help customer support teams detect angry customers, and more. All without the multi-million dollar investment that most AI projects take today.

“The amount of data available to marketing, sales, and financial teams is exploding at a furious pace – but making sense of it all is virtually impossible without the assistance of artificial intelligence,” said Abe Parangi, co-founder and CEO of Akkio. “We believe our Data Stories functionality is the first to empower non-expert users to identify the myriad of complex factors that drive key business outcomes, so they can replicate what works and avoid what doesn’t. In essence, Data Stories helps democratize AI, making its valuable insights available to even those without data science expertise.”

Data Stories is available now. For more information on signing up with Akkio, visit

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