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PCR Oncology Expands Offering by Adopting Deep Lens AI-Solution

PCR Oncology and Deep Lens today announced a strategic partnership that will integrate artificial intelligence-based clinical trial screening and enrollment platform, VIPER™, into the PCR Oncology network. VIPER uses proprietary cloud-based technology to facilitate, triage and accelerate the clinical trial recruitment process. Through this collaboration, PCR Oncology will be able to more effectively identify, screen and match oncology patients to precision-based clinical trials.

PCR Oncology is extremely dedicated to advancing cancer research and has prioritized the expansion of our clinical trial program to be able to offer a broader range of studies to our patient community,” said David Palchak, M.D. at PCR Oncology. “The VIPER platform will not only expedite the process for matching patients to existing trials, but it will also assist in bringing additional trials to the PCR network, thereby greatly improving access to care for cancer patients on the Central Coast.”

PCR Oncology has a robust clinical trial and research program. It is the first and only location in California that is participating in the National Cancer Institute’s (NCI) Cancer Moonshot program, a five-year initiative designed to advance the knowledge and treatment of cancer via the collection and analysis of biospecimens and data from diverse patient populations across the U.S.

It is estimated that more than 15,000 oncology clinical trials are actively recruiting patients; yet participation in these trials is often as low as three percent. Certain barriers to enrollment — including limited study site capacity and narrow trial eligibility requirements — have been well documented; however, the percentage of patient participation in these trials has not increased significantly over time. VIPER automates the clinical trial screening process and seamlessly matches patients — at the time of diagnosis — to appropriate trials through the ingestion and analysis of customized genomic data, electronic medical records and pathology data. Deep Lens’ VIPER will be integrating directly to their EMR (iKnowMed), molecular data feed (from Caris and Foundation Medicine) and pathology feeds to automatically identify qualified patients for clinical trials. Like PCR Oncology, any iKnowMed practice can be easily integrated and can utilize VIPER and the Deep Lens screening services free of charge.

“We are delighted to be able to help PCR Oncology improve efficiencies and add value to their already comprehensive clinical trial program,” said Greg Andreola, Chief Revenue Officer at Deep Lens. “The VIPER platform is designed to assist clinical trial study sites with the complexities involved in patient recruitment and enrollment, which will allow oncology teams to focus more exclusively on providing patient care.”

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