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Apixio announced the launch of Health Data Nexus™

Apixio Unveils its Platform For Enhanced Healthcare Data Management and Analytics, Streamlining Care and Efficiency for Health Plans and Providers

For over a decade, Apixio has been at the forefront of utilizing both structured and unstructured health data for AI-driven risk adjustment and payment integrity solutions. Today, they announce the launch of Apixio Health Data Nexus™, a Connected Care Platform designed to revolutionize how health data is integrated, analyzed, and utilized to drive positive outcomes across the healthcare ecosystem. Health Data Nexus expands Apixio’s solutions offering to address the longstanding challenges of data access and fragmentation in the healthcare industry, offering a comprehensive solution that empowers health plans and providers to unlock the power of health data.

The healthcare industry contributes to nearly 30% of the total global data volume, with healthcare organizations generating approximately 137 terabytes of data daily. However, this wealth of structured and unstructured data is typically fragmented, unorganized, and difficult to access. These challenges have hindered the analytical insights that can improve patient outcomes and increase operational efficiency.

Apixio’s Health Data Nexus addresses these challenges by leveraging a data lake and highly trained AI models to access and manage the influx of data from various sources and extract predictive insights that lead to better patient care and operational efficiencies. With the introduction of Health Data Nexus, Apixio is expanding its health data infrastructure to payers and providers, enabling them to unlock new opportunities for enhancing efficiency and effectiveness across their operations.

“In healthcare, the potential of unified health data has remained largely untapped due to technological and organizational barriers,” said Sachin Patel, CEO of Apixio. “With the launch of Health Data Nexus, we are poised to help break down these walls, offering a solution that transforms and elevates the fidelity and usability of health data. Health Data Nexus is our next step in executing our vision to create a world where healthcare decisions are well-informed, proactive, and drive long-term resiliency.  We want to democratize health data and create new value – on a tangible, per member basis – to ensure that every bit of information contributes to advancing healthcare for all.”

Health Data Nexus is the core of Apixio’s Connected Care Platform that seamlessly integrates with solutions for Risk Adjustment, Payment Integrity, and AI-as-a-Service (AIaaS), providing a comprehensive data view across the enterprise. Merging disparate data sources into a single, accessible, and actionable data lake offers healthcare organizations a holistic view of patient health, streamlining processes and improving decision-making.

A unified healthcare data and analytics platform is essential for driving sophisticated analytics that can transform data into strategies for cost reduction and provider collaboration. Providers can also harness artificial intelligence-powered insights from Nexus to aggregate patient diagnoses, tailor treatment approaches, and quickly pinpoint high-risk patients. Enhanced with Apixio’s AI insights and advanced analytic dashboards, Health Data Nexus empowers health plans and providers to jointly improve patient care and member benefits while lowering costs to the healthcare system.

Key Benefits of Apixio’s Health Data Nexus include:

  • Unified Chart Retrieval and Data Acquisition: Streamline the ingestion and normalization of diverse data types, including charts, prescriptions, lab results, and notes, into an indexed format.
  • Advanced Search Capabilities: Enhance productivity with advanced data filtering, quick navigation, and document keyword search capabilities.
  • AI-Driven Insights: Leverage Apixio’s industry-leading AI models to identify health trends and risks, offering predictive insights for improved care management.
  • Population Health Management: Stratify patient population to pinpoint risks and drill down to the provider and patient level to support preventative and disease management programs.
  • Intuitive Command Center: Easy for users to quickly access, manage, and share charts in real-time with secure sharing capabilities that drive efficiency and effectiveness across departments and third-party vendors.
  • Secure, Role-Based Data Management: Offers cloud-based data security with SOC2 and HITRUST certification, key standards, and roles-based access to protect patient information.

With Apixio’s new Connected Care Platform, health organizations can access an ever-growing library of pre-built “connectors,” which aim to broaden functionality and workflow interoperability in areas such as payment integrity, analytics, population health management, and beyond.

Apixio will be exhibiting at RISE National 2024, March 17-19, 2024 along with presenting an education session, “Bridging the Risk Adjustment Continuum for Collaborative Payer-Provider Success.” The session will occur on Monday, March 18, at 11:15 AM CT.

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