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Appfire’s Cloud Migration Solution Fully Supports Jira Software

Duo of Configuration Manager for Jira Cloud and Cloud Migration Tool enables large business and agile teams that need to migrate projects and configurations from Jira Server and Data Center to Cloud

Appfire, a leading provider of software that helps teams solve modern challenges with digital solutions, today announced that its Cloud migration solution, which includes the pairing of Configuration Manager for Jira (CMJ) Cloud and Cloud Migration Tool, now fully supports Jira Software. Appfire launched the Cloud migration solution in late 2021, and the updates enable a seamless migration solution for business and agile teams that need to migrate complex projects and configurations from Jira Server to Cloud.

As Jira administrators gear up for Atlassian Server end of life, migration to the Cloud is increasingly critical and timely. A transformation requires not only the right people and practices, but also the right tools. By combining two apps, CMJ Cloud and Cloud Migration Tool, Appfire’s Cloud migration solution is able to guide and support customers and partners through their Cloud migrations.

The pairing of CMJ Cloud and the Cloud Migration Tool is a powerful offering for Jira administrators migrating data and configurations from Jira Server or Data Center to Jira Cloud. With this duo, Jira administrators can tap into more sophistication, automation and transparency when it comes to migration.

“Appfire is committed to helping teams successfully migrate to the Cloud, and our Cloud migration solution enables Jira users to work smarter, not harder, when it comes to their Cloud migration,” said Kelsey LaMastres, Lead Product Marketing Manager for Administrative Tools at Appfire.

Each migration is unique and requires deep change and impact analysis to anticipate and alleviate any potential errors before the migration. Appfire’s cloud migration solution can easily connect a Jira on-premise instance to a Cloud instance, select projects to be migrated, identify incorrect or missing data, see a holistic change and impact pre-migration analysis, resolve errors prior to migration, migrate only what’s different, and maintain full visibility on the migration process. CMJ has already helped thousands of customers, including Oracle, Cisco Systems, Wells Fargo and T-Mobile, execute their biggest and most complex migrations.

“This app makes migration from Jira Server to Jira Cloud almost seamless. It looks over your configuration on Server and gives a simple yet powerfully complete interface to visualize what will be migrated and then it migrates the data for you,” said Jacob Jaskolka, Lead DevOps Engineer at Bankers Healthcare Group.

Data security is a top priority for Appfire, and its Cloud migration solution is ISO 27017:2015 Certified.

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