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Archiving Service Launched as Data Management Complexity Soars

Proceed Group, specialists in SAP data and document management – has today announced its Proceed Archiving Service, a fully managed service provided by its in-house team of SAP archiving experts. As businesses continue to rely heavily on data to analyze and gain insights – so the need to manage data sprawl increases. Coupled with this is the increasing complexity of managing and recovering data, with many businesses in recent months adopting new cloud applications to support remote workforces. Outsourcing data management allows businesses to gain control of their IT environment, save significant amounts ranging up to £1m per TB per year hyperscaler savings.

The Proceed Archiving Service will drive significant cost savings, as well as reducing business risk to ensure compliance, regular health checks, analysis of data growth and extensive reporting to support business and regulatory requirements. The service offers day-to-day archiving, including the execution of archive runs, variant resolution and successful completion of all jobs, with a dedicated helpdesk to support any archiving related queries.

Graham Mead, Commercial Director of Proceed Group commented, “Whilst data continues to be a critical business asset, it’s imperative that organisations manage their data efficiently to avoid huge costs in managing infrastructure however, costs to manage that data internally can spiral. With a dedicated, outsourced group of specialists, efficiency can be improved and savings made, whilst also allowing for valuable access to data when needed.”

Maple Leaf Foods, a global producer of food products based in Canada is a customer of Proceed Group, and recently completed the archiving service – David Gregg, Head of SAP Systems at Maple Leaf Foods found the service a key part of the IT performance, “We started working in 2019 with the Proceed Group team on our archiving project and have found them to be an invaluable part of our IT team. They have been a perfect fit for what we needed, and their experience is second-to-none when it comes to archiving.”

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