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Digital Transformation Co. Avlino Introduces AI for Yard Management

Avlino Inc., the New Jersey-based AI and digital transformation company announced the successful live implementation of its optimization application YardSight, this month, at the Manila International Cargo Terminal (MICT), operated by the leading port management company International Container Terminal Services, Inc. (ICTSI).

Developed in partnership with IGO Solutions, a UK based leading provider in container terminal solutions (founded by Mr. Rajan Regarajan and Mr. Jayesh Pandya), YardSight leverages advanced ML, data science and solution engineering to create a Digital Twin model based on current, real-time states within the yard, gate, and berth. The application takes a fundamentally different approach from the traditional Software as a Service models in that YardSight enhances pre-defined rules-based configurations. The application introduces operational, transactional, equipment and enriched data that feeds self-learning models which dynamically adapt to the changing circumstances in terminal operations. In addition, YardSight integrates with a multitude of Terminal Operating Systems as well as varying operating configurations including fully automated terminals.

“Real-time planning that responds to volatile conditions is a game changer in terminal operations.” said Ramana Jampala, founding CEO of Avlino. “YardSight users will find that they are equipped to tackle the challenges of constriction, congestion, and high rehandle counts. The application manages the entire yard operation by optimizing TOS and enhancing resources through advanced ML/AI.”

IGO Solutions, having long-standing expertise in automated Container Terminal operations, laid emphasis on the benefits of AI adoption. “When we started to recommend autonomous operations to our clients three years ago, we realized a significant gap in the AI solutions landscape. Avlino’s technology filled that gap perfectly,” said Jayesh Pandya, Co-Founder of IGO Solutions. “Very few container terminals have taken a holistic approach to adopting AI solutions, and ICTSI pioneered this journey. IGO Solutions and Avlino partnered to deliver solutions with a potential to realize high ROI for ICTSI.”

Ramana Jampala also said “The partnership with ICTSI has been instrumental in shaping YardSight, the application incorporates directly into existing business process where AI controls workflows to tighten operational expenses while increasing profit margins.  It is truly a win-win scenario.”

Anders Dommestrup, MICT CEO and Executive Director stated “The YardSight AI module, in its current release, provides logic for the most efficient stacking positions based on optimal work balancing of our rubber-tired gantries (RTGs). This results in increased productivity for internal and external trucks, reduced traffic clashes and minimized yard rehandles when stacking import containers.” He also added “The AiCON Solution Suite has ushered a real paradigm shift in how we can better manage end-to-end Container Terminal operations. We are already seeing very encouraging signs that this new approach can deliver significant efficiencies to equipment utilization and truck turn time, which will be passed on to our customers to further support ICTSI’s conscious effort to reduce its greenhouse gas emission.”

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