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Are Cybersecurity based asset management platforms Gamechangers?

Cybersecurity is the need of the hour and cybersecurity based asset management platforms such as Axonius are revolutionizing the network security landscape

Every business has a distinct set of software, databases, licenses, repositories, tools, solutions, and hardware to support all of these. These are all the assets of an organization. With the transition to a digital workplace, keeping track of all the assets deployed by every single member of the company can turn out to be quite a challenge. Which is why organizations need an asset management platform in place.

An asset management platform will monitor and track all the virtual, digital, and physical assets of the company, in all stages of the life cycle.

But, with the shift to digital workplaces, intrusion and malicious activities are also on a high rise, imposing a risk to the critical assets and information of the enterprise. This has created a need for accelerated adoption of cybersecurity based asset management platforms.

In response to this need, certain cybersecurity based asset management platforms such as Axonius, are eyeing committing to solving fundamental problems, when it comes to securing the organizational assets.

Axonius has recently raised $100 Million in a Series D round and is now valued at $1.2 Billion!

The company allows organizations to plug in their data connected to the network of assets, and run it through 300 cybersecurity tools for the purpose of analyzing threats.

When network assets are run through 300 cybersecurity tools, identifying and tracing back to any irregular activity becomes easy. It is all done through and by the data. The algorithms of the firm are designed in a way that they can identify information based on almost anything, inclusive of cloud information and timestamp.

Cybersecurity based asset management platforms deliver a fusion of a secured network as well as a set of networks that can easily identify sophisticated threats.

These platforms can find out any unauthorized or suspicious login requests, within a fraction of minutes. They also attract investors because of their capabilities to solve mission-critical conundrums with solutions that are innovative and resourceful.

The cybersecurity based asset management platforms are now building on their connections along with their existing capabilities to be able to immediately block out intruders as well as take informed actions on policy violations.

Apart from that, it is necessary for organizations to know what their assets are doing, where they are, how many are, and the behavioral activity of these assets. And the new-age cybersecurity based asset management platforms are delivering exactly that.

Building on to the technology stack while leveling up on the security aspect, is precisely how cybersecurity based asset management platforms are doing to up their game!

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