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Why MLaaS (Machine Learning as a service) is predicted to be witnessing phenomenal growth?

MLaaS(Machine Learning as a service) is the adjoining revolution supporting and uplifting the impending phase shift. Learn more about the growing trends through this piece.

Machine Learning as a Service is an array of services – which provides ML tools as part of cloud, computing services. MLaaS helps clients to earn benefit form ML without the cognate cost, time and risk establishing an in-house internal machine learning team. Infrastructural concerns such as data pre-processing, model training, model evaluation and predictions can be mitigated with the help of MLaaS. Services providers offer tools such as predictive analytics and deep learning APIs, data visualisation, NLP and many more.

Why is Machine Learning so Important?

Machine Learning is about running algorithms to achieve desired data-driven conclusions. Such models, which can be equipped with the knowledge of machine learning – are adroit at forecasting trends, creating real-time analysis, and performing accurate predictions based on user data. Machine Learning is smart enough to grow and learn from the past mistakes and outcomes – that ordinarily help drive future positive results.   

No matter what, Machine Learning can do everything. It can help you with fraud detection, price optimization, crime prevention and all. And it’s not the end yet. It comes with many more capabilities.

For instance, if companies are looking at optimizing their day to day services, MLaaS is one of the best data optimization solutions. It is offered as a cloud based services and consists of automatic learning tools. These kind of options can be used in the cloud or in a hybrid fashion as per the company’s requirements.

How does MLaaS Benefit SMBs?

Most Machine Learning as a Service providers offer a measurable and personalised technologies to companies and provides them with the advantage of selecting particular services which are ideal for them.

One of the biggest benefits which MLaaS offers is the freedom from the burden of building in-house infrastructure from scratch.
SMBs lack the infrastructure to store massive volumes of data and the internal resources to manage them.

With the assistance of Machine Learning technology and computing capacity provided by MLaaS, companies will now have a competitive edge in the market. They can now venture into similar services provided by their larger and established competitors without worrying about sophisticated and large scale Machine Learning and data needs.

MLaaS helps the companies with faster and previously invisible insights. It will even enable better and quick decision making.

What is the Future of MLaaS?

As we can see, data and its engagement going in the cloud way, MLaaS will help revolutionise a paradigm of Machine Learning and will create a combined result. According to study done by Research and Markets, Machine Learning as a Service (MLaaS) Market is expected to witness at a CAGR of over 43% during the forecast period 2019-2024. Another study says that, MLaaS can drive innovation in IoT. According to a study, over 20 billion equipment (excluding PCs, tablets and smartphones) will form the IoT by 2020. With MLaaS already having the capacity to integrate with different kind of sensors, MLaaS could play a key role in that area as well.

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