ElectroNeek’s new release to enhance RPAaaS business landscape

ElectroNeek Robotics Inc.  (https://www.electroneek.com ), a leading provider of Intelligent Automation Software for Managed Service Providers, announced today the launch of ElectroNeek Summer ’21 product release and introduced new capabilities in their core products, ElectroNeek RPA Studio Pro, Orchestrator SaaS, Bot Runner.

The updates will help MSPs better manage their automation business, increase development efficiency, and win more work.

In a statement, Sergey Yudovskiy, ElectroNeek’s CEO, said:

ElectroNeek Summer ’21 is the product of our continuous focus on strengthening our no-code strategy and our commitment to being a trusted vendor for our partners by supporting and guiding them at each stage of their automation journey with their clients. With this in mind, we’ve elaborated on the new powerful features to allow MSPs to manage better and orchestrate their bots, embrace innovation and forward-thinking in the RPA market, open up a blue ocean of enterprise cases, and favor their RPA talent with unique day-to-day developing experience. I sincerely believe that this release will be a game-changer for MSPs to implement the best service delivery practices and significantly impact their exponential growth with ElectroNeek.

ElectroNeek Summer ’21 includes capability upgrades to ElectroNeek’s SaaS Orchestrator: a Multi-Tenancy feature to enable MSPs to deploy multiple Orchestrators under one umbrella, scale up to any number of client machines with Central Deployment, and use the Client Dashboard to track all bot usage across clients in one place.

As a part of ElectroNeek’s continuous No-Code-Driven strategy, in the new release, users will see new no-code features added in Microsoft Excel, Outlook, and Office 365. No-code functionality is also added to PDF and Windows System activities.

Additionally, a new feature for unique day-to-day development experience – Local Development History has been added to restore a previous workflow version.

Being the second popular programming language, with 52% of developers globally writing code in it, adding Python will allow MSPs to add Python-based bots smoothly in the complex automation chains and win more Enterprise-specific projects easier.

The Summer ’21 release of the ElectroNeek Orchestrator has API Integration and other technologies that allow MSPs to integrate their bots to other applications and tools in their clients’ organizations, whether SaaS, desktop, or their own systems. This added functionality increases the bots’ ability to work with any existing systems and opens up new revenue streams for the MSP businesses.

What’s more

Citrix’s solutions are used by more than 400,000 organizations worldwide, including 99 percent of the Fortune 100 and 98 percent of the Fortune 500.

With the Summer ’21 release, we have enabled Surface Automation for Citrix and RDP-hosted applications to help MSP businesses stay competitive by taking over the reasonable share of the automation market. 

The new release also works with desktop apps written in Java, the foundation for millions of applications across multiple systems, including Windows, Macintosh, UNIX-based desktops, embedded systems, and enterprise solutions.

Summer’21 allows MSPs to work with a great variety of Enterprise applications and enable all significant cases of Java and SAP-based automations.

ElectroNeek Summer’21 RPA platform has more OCR connectors to handle cases with semi-structured data, forms, and more. The extended OCR engines pack will open up a blue ocean of new cases in the enterprise segment.

Beginning from the latest version, ElectroNeek RPA will be releasing new versions quarterly to help MSPs timely deliver their products to the end clients, impacting the overall sales process success. The next release will be in November, 2021.

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