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ARIA Cybersecurity Solutions Launches ARIA CloudADR Offering

 ARIA Cybersecurity Solutions, a CSPi business (NASDAQ: CSPi) that delivers a software-defined approach for improved cyber-attack incident response, today announced ARIA CloudADR, the latest offering in the ARIA Advanced Detection and Response (ADR) portfolio. This fully cloud-based solution provides organizations an improved approach to secure their cloud infrastructure and services while also extending protection to their on-premises infrastructures and remote devices.

Increasingly organizations are moving their business applications, processes and operations into the cloud. However, current solutions for threat detection and response are not comprehensive or effective in monitoring and securing the cloud, on-premises infrastructures and remote employees with a single, easy-to-deploy product. The ARIA CloudADR solution solves these challenges with a cloud-centric approach. The ARIA ADR solution monitors all threat surfaces to detect known and novel cyberattacks. It uses a threat modeling approach to detect threats by behaviors, and leverages ML to help find these behaviors both within the threat analytics, as well as the network data. It is AI-driven, which means it finds verifies and surfaces only confirmed attacks, without human involvement. IT staff will find the ARIA CloudADR solution easy to deploy and operate with little to no training.

ARIA CloudADR shares most of the same capabilities found in the ARIA ADR solution. These include:

  • Automated for near real-time identification and containment of verified threats
  • Intelligent and evolving threat detection and response with AI and ML threat-based behavior models
  • Out-of-the box functionality of seven disparate security tools in one advanced product
  • Comprehensive protection across the entire enterprise, including public cloud or on-premises environments as well as remote devices/workforce

ARIA CloudADR and ARIA ADR are now available for purchase. Interested parties should contact to connect with one of our cybersecurity experts.

Learn more about ARIA CloudADR and ARIA ADR.

The ARIA ADR solution provides a virtual AI-SOC product that automatically detects and stops cyberattacks without requiring highly trained security staff, and it works around the clock 24×365. The solution incorporates an innovative big data approach that models how cyberattacks behave. To do so, it ingests security analytics from the network and log output from security devices such as firewalls, device operating systems, applications, including cloud services and infrastructure like directories, no matter where they are running. 

The solution ingests these inputs into prebuilt models for every known threat, leverages ML, and dynamically created AI rule sets to find and verify each threat by their telltale behavior patterns. As a result, it offers up to a 1,000:1 reduction in typical daily alerts from today’s SIEM-driven approaches, and its AI capabilities automatically determine the appropriate action to stop the attack, depending on the type as well as progress within the kill chain.

With ARIA ADR, organizations can protect themselves from all of the most harmful and often hidden attacks, including ransomware, malware, intrusions of all types, DDoS, insider attacks, lost credentials, data exfiltration, and policy violations.

The ARIA CloudADR solution is a variant of ARIA ADR and deploys within a VM infrastructure that operates within the Cloud to provide such capabilities.

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