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Bractlet Launches Intelligence Platform for Commercial Buildings

Bractlet, an Austin-based smart building software company, today launched its tiered Bractlet Intelligence Platform, a software and intelligence solution for commercial real estate owners that features new, quick-to-deploy tiered products, Bractlet Benchmark and Bractlet Analytics. The new offerings complement the company’s existing, one-of-a-kind Bractlet Simulation premium product and make it easier for customers to experience the Intelligence Platform based on their individual needs and budgetary requirements. It also enables building owners to see quick business benefits and then upgrade over time to higher levels of analysis and richer feature sets as asset managers and property teams incorporate Bractlet software into their regular workflows.

The new products come at a time when the COVID-19 pandemic has forced building owners to look to reduce operating expenses now more than ever and Bractlet’s comprehensive Intelligence Platform can help them do just that while  simultaneously optimizing tenant comfort and safety.

The three-tiered Bractlet Intelligence Platform™ includes:

  • Bractlet Benchmark™ – Benchmark digitally collects, processes and stores utility and weather data and features tools for forecasting utility costs. It provides building owners and their property teams energy efficiency benchmarks versus comparable buildings in location, size and utilization and manages building performance data and information needed to support ESG efforts, including Energy Star, GRESB and LEED certifications. Bractlet is able to have Benchmark up and running in just a few days.
    Price: $500 annual subscription fee per building
  • Bractlet Analytics– Analytics includes all the functionality of the Benchmark tier and adds in the collection of real-time building automation system (BAS), utility meter and optional equipment power meter data for in-depth building performance monitoring and demand management. It enables property managers and building engineers to visualize real time, zone and equipment-level analysis and diagnostics. Comfort, equipment operation and energy consumption notifications for deviations from expected performance and prescriptive actions also are included, which leads to enhanced tenant work environments and reduced operating costs. Data integration and mapping for Analytics is completed in under two weeks on average.
    Price: $2,000 onboarding fee and an annual subscription fee of $0.03 per square foot.
  • Bractlet Simulation™ (includes all the functionality of Bractlet Benchmark and Bractlet Analytics) – Unlike anything else on the market, Bractlet Simulation models a building’s unique design characteristics, utilization and environmental conditions to create a “digital energy twin.” This simulation forecasts how a building should perform, accounting for variances in occupancy, weather, BAS control settings and more, with an unprecedented level of accuracy (models are 98%+ accurate). It also identifies and evaluates options to upgrade and modernize a building’s infrastructure for projects ranging from existing system optimizations to those requiring capital investment. Simulation facilitates confident investment decisions and also streamlines capital budgeting, project implementations and building reporting across portfolios to maximize returns.
    Price: Contact Bractlet for an estimate

“While other companies such as Healthy Buildings and Measurabl offer ESG reporting products, and Aquicore and Enertiv offer energy management dashboard products, there is nothing in the marketplace with the breadth and sophistication of the Bractlet Intelligence Platform. With it we are uniquely positioned to help commercial real estate building owners unlock value in their capital plans and optimize their buildings’ performance at the tier that works best for their budget and needs,”  says Bractlet CEO and Co-Founder Alec Manfre. “Never has that been more important than during these unprecedented times when owners are looking for ways to cut both operating and capital costs in order to be more aggressive in retaining existing and attracting new tenants.”

Bractlet is currently offering risk free trials of its Bractlet Intelligence Platform during the pandemic to qualified customers. Contact for more information.

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