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Centauri and Kana Systems Announce Situational Awareness App for Troops

Centauri, a leading provider of high-end space, intelligence, directed energy, and cyber solutions, in collaboration with Kana Systems, today announced the launch the Rapid Event Employee Evaluation of Posture Reporting Tool (REEEPoRT) web application, which allows team and organization leaders to obtain complete situational awareness of their team or teams within their organization.

“As it stands, most reporting practices are conducted by telephone or email, which are slow and problematic,” said Mailani Veney, Kana Systems CEO. “When the coronavirus hit, U.S. military organizations suddenly had an increased need for a data-driven, real-time status report app to aid them with personnel health & welfare check-ins.”

Accountability and readiness are core functions of military operations. REEEPoRT is a customized data and software solution, combining data governance, data visualization, and report generation that enables supervisors and commanders at all levels to gain near-real time access to the status of their assigned and attached forces. The application can show at a glance whether any individual is ready for duty, compromised, or has failed to report in during the specified window of time. This allows leadership at all levels to have immediate insight into their personnel’s status.

The application is available for all Service Members (Active Duty, Reserves, National Guard, Civilian, Contractors, and Dependents) of an organization. They can quickly and easily report their status on a set or customized schedule defined by their leadership. Being a mobile-optimized web application, there is no native application that users must install, and is quickly accessible from any computer or mobile device.

“REEEPoRT will provide stronger situational awareness of a unit’s personnel status, including automation of manually-developed reports to leaders and commanders,” said Jeffry Waye, Centauri Principal Software Engineer and Team Beskar Senior Product Manager. “While initially designed to solve timely reporting during the COVID-19 pandemic, the tool will maintain value beyond the current crisis by being fully customizable by the leadership to fit whatever situation is at hand.”

REEEPoRT is a HIPAA/ePHI compliant tool that will be fully owned by the U.S. Air Force. It is developed in-house by SpaceCAMP (Centauri and Kana Systems) and deployed on Platform One, a DoD DevSecOps platform that maintains current Continuous Authority to Operate (CATO). REEEPoRT is available now for military and government users.

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