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Cerebra Green Completes 2nd Edition of ‘India Clean-Up Week’

Enterprises and Individuals contributed to the e-waste collection drive

Cerebra Green, the e-waste division of Cerebra Integrated Technologies Ltd., successfully completed the second edition of its flagship campaign, India clean-up week, from October 11 – 17, 2021. Aimed at bringing awareness to the right e-waste management practices, Cerebra Green encouraged individuals to pledge to adopt responsible e-waste management.

India is the third-largest producer of e-waste, generating over 3.23 million Metric Tonnes per year, this number is only growing. The onset of the pandemic has induced an increase in the number of electronic devices being used per household, with 70 percent originating from 10 cities alone. This growing problem calls for greater emphasis on recycling e-waste and better e-waste management. Targeting enterprises and consumers who tend to use the maximum number of devices, through this week-long program, Cerebra Green educated individuals about the need and benefits of responsible e-waste management in India.

“As more and more consumers in India use electronic devices, it is becoming crucial to educate them about e-waste and it’s harmful effects to the environment. E-waste cannot be merely disposed in regular bins or given away to kabadiwalas or scrap dealers as they don’t have the proper measure to dispose it,” said Ravi Neeladri, CEO, Cerebra Green. “We are glad that over 270 individuals, during this campaign have understood the urgency and have taken the pledge to be more responsible about e-waste management and follow the right practices,” he added.

The program was multi-forked, and this year Cerebra Green partnered with various enterprises, and NGOs to not only share information and spread awareness about the impact of e-waste, but also help collect e-waste across the country. This will lead to an increase in the number of large corporates that come forward to dispose their e-waste through the right means. In addition to the collection drive, Cerebra Green also introduced a pledge through an informative online quiz that educated consumers to dispose of their next e-waste in the right manner.

Cerebra Green set-up one of India’s largest e-waste recycling plants in 2017 as a result of the need for e-waste recycling in India. Today, the company is equipped to meet the multiplying numbers of devices with the company’s recycling plant running at a capacity of 40,000 Metric Tonnes. Looking to expand the much-needed infrastructure for e-waste recycling in the country, Cerebra Green will be establishing recycling facilities in the north and west India markets as well.

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