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Checkmarx Announces Supply Chain Threat Intelligence Availability

First-to-market open source threat intelligence API reveals adversarial tactics, techniques and procedures (TTPs), incorporating the 150,878 malicious packages discovered by Checkmarx Labs in 2022 and providing constant updates

Checkmarx, the global leader in developer-centric application security solutions, announced today the immediate availability of Supply Chain Threat Intelligence™, which delivers detailed threat intelligence on hundreds of thousands of malicious packages, contributor reputation, malicious behavior and more.

Based on proprietary research by Checkmarx Labs, Supply Chain Threat Intelligence offers:

  • Identification of malicious packages by attack type such as dependency confusion, typosquatting, chainjacking and more
  • Analysis of contributor reputation through identification of anomalous activity within open source packages
  • Intelligence on the malicious behavior of packages, including static and dynamic analysis to understand how the code runs
  • A data lake that allows the ongoing analysis of packages long after they have been deleted from package managers, with over one million packages scanned per month

“In 2022, Checkmarx researchers exposed some of the most prolific open source attack groups, including RED-LILI and Lofygang,” said Checkmarx CEO Emmanuel Benzaquen. “Given the dramatic proliferation of malicious open source packages from organized attack groups, we’re pleased to empower security stakeholders by revealing adversarial motives, tactics, techniques and procedures in a constantly updated intelligence feed.”

How Supply Chain Threat Intelligence works
Checkmarx Supply Chain Threat Intelligence is delivered as an application programming interface (API) that is simple to integrate into many dashboards and development environments. Users obtain a unique token from Checkmarx, send in a package name and version and receive threat intelligence on the package.

The API helps developers and security professionals:

  • Quickly and easily identify potential threats in open source packages
  • Better understand the threat actor’s decision-making process
  • Perform bulk queries to efficiently receive intel on large numbers of packages at once
  • Stay ahead of cyber threats with real-time updates and alerts on new and emerging risks
  • Gain valuable insights and context on detected threats to inform security decisions

“Our Checkmarx Labs supply chain security team discovered 150,878 unique malicious packages in 2022 alone,” said Erez Yalon, VP of security research at Checkmarx. “We’re seeing attackers continue to strike and publish malicious packages even after they’ve been reported. They simply create new sock-puppet accounts and nothing stops them from doing so. Their relentless malicious behavior and the increasing velocity of new malicious package releases have led us to share our threat intelligence to help keep the open source ecosystem safe.”

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