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Clarifai Evolves Computer Vision Platform with NLP

Clarifai, a leading independent artificial intelligence (AI) company announces the addition of Natural Language Processing (NLP) to its Computer Vision (CV) AI platform. The combination of NLP and CV offers enterprises an end-to-end AI platform for image, video and now text.

“Clarifai has been a leader in computer vision ever since winning ImageNet in 2013”, said Matt ZeilerCEO of Clarifai. “Now we’ve applied that same state-of-the-art expertise to NLP text classification and visual text recognition – consolidating computer vision and NLP into a single, multi-modal enterprise platform with a unified approach to the end-to-end AI lifecycle.

Clarifai’s new text classification and visual text recognition NLP models offer organizations the ability to detect, understand, and classify blocks of text to extract meaning. The models can be used in a wide range of scenarios, from topic analysis, to moderating user-generated content, analyzing online sentiment and improving chatbot efficiency. Text and image-based visual recognition models can also be combined within multi-modal workflows that automate business processes.

Clarifai is pushing the boundaries of AI modeling and research. Its team of researchers and engineers remain committed to both transforming the way people and AI come together and having a measurable impact on organizational and business efficiency.

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