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Kirby Zhang, Innovative Founder of Four Analytics launches Cleanable, a New Startup Quickly Dominating the Commercial Cleaning Industry

The last thing that commercial business owners with multiple properties want to think about is cleaning and at the end of the day that is what every business needs to do without question. The fact of the matter is that If the businesses are clean, the customers will not notice, but on the other hand, if the businesses are not clean the customers will unfortunately not say anything and will not return. Cleanable is quickly dominating the commercial cleaning industry as they are revolutionizing cleaning services for businesses by digitizing the process, offering a seamless platform that supports small, owner-operated businesses without relying on gig workers. Cleanable launched in 2020 and has doubled their revenue year after year and is currently surpassing 10M in sales. The cleaning industry was broken and Cleanable fixed it. The company is now poised to seek investors and individual business ownership opportunities for those not looking for a franchise opportunity. For those investors interested in meeting Cleanable in person, the company will have a booth at Startup Grind Global 2024 in Silicon Valley on April 23rd & 24th.

“We have a real opportunity to create a moat because we have advantages in data, experience, team, and technology, said Kirby Zhang, Founder. We can be the best in the world at fulfilling and managing cleaning assignments, because we invented the process.”

Four Analytics, the parent company currently manages cleaning for 650+ enterprise customers throughout the United States and Canada. Many of their clients are wildly known such as Victoria’s Secret, Z Gallerie, Louis Vuitton, Forever 21, and Apple Tower Theater, to name just a few. The company does not just offer retail store cleaning services, but healthcare facilities, office buildings, and a multitude of other businesses. Four Analytics and Cleanable offers customizable cleaning services, fast quotes, a dedicated project manager, and even same day services. The companies are truly a unique venture as Founder Kirby Zhang is a legally blind immigrant with an extremely successfully startup who is truly living the American dream.

“Working with Cleanable, LLC. has truly been a game-changer for me. From the moment I started, I could immediately sense a refreshing difference. Not only is the staff incredibly friendly and transparent, but their dedication to keeping us busy and ensuring fair payouts is unmatched, said Terence St Clair, Owner. Their expertise in the industry shines through in every interaction, and their clear and effective communication makes working together a breeze. I couldn’t be happier with my experience with Cleanable, LLC.”

About Four Analytics and

Four Analytics is the parent company of Cleanable LLC leading the revolution in facility management and commercial cleaning through technology and innovation. Founded by Kirby Zhang, a seasoned expert with over 14 years in the facility management industry, Four Analytics aims to provide comprehensive cleaning management solutions that allow businesses to thrive. For more information, to inquire about investment opportunities with Four Analytics or, or request a quote, please contact

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