Turing Boosts Talent: 70% Higher Acceptance with Google Cloud’s Gemini

Unveiled at Google Cloud Next ’24, the experiment results point to a shift in the dynamics between technology and human expertise, reshaping how tech professionals work

Turing, the world’s first AI-powered tech services company, announced significant trial results from its work with Google’s Cloud’s Gemini Code Assist code customization feature at this year’s Google Cloud Next ’24 event. The experiment showcased a nearly 70% increase in code completion acceptance rates among developers, marking a noteworthy milestone for the industry.

Trial Overview
The trial, conducted earlier this year, randomly assigned Turing developers into groups with and without Gemini Code Assist code customization feature. Developers participated in a double-blind A/B test, ensuring unbiased results. The trial unveiled a nearly 70% increase in the overall acceptance rate for code completion, from 15.54% to 26.35%.

Key Findings
With Gemini Code Assist, Turing found acceptance rates improved by nearly 70% compared to the base model alone. These rates measure how often developers adopt suggestions from an AI tool, indicating enhanced code quality and increased accuracy.
This can be further reflected in cost reductions for enterprises in many ways, such as through error reduction, optimized resource allocation, enhanced code reusability, lower recruitment costs, and improved decision-making. Speed and greater innovation potential are also significant gains, as routine tasks are automated, allowing developers to focus on larger strategies.

“We’re thrilled to see Turing’s success using Gemini Code Assist, and the powerful results it’s bringing to the company’s developers,” said Marcello Pedersen, Senior Director of Product Management at Google Cloud. “Turing’s dedication to innovation and collaborative spirit played a pivotal role in the success of taking Code Assist to market, and we’re excited to continue working together to create even more impact for developers.”

Jonathan Siddharth, Turing’s CEO and Co-Founder, remarked, “This trial highlights the value of gen AI-powered workflow in streamlining routine tasks and signifies a leap in developer potential to a more strategic and innovative role. We remain committed to empowering businesses with top-tier talent equipped with cutting-edge tools for dynamic software engineering solutions, driving the era of AI-enhanced human potential in the tech workspace.”

Harnessing Generative AI
This trial builds on Turing’s internal experiment conducted in 2023 with various generative AI tools that resulted in a maximum increase of 33% in productivity by developers. Both experiments reveal that rapidly evolving generative AI workflow tools are ushering in a fundamental shift in the dynamics between technology and human expertise, paving the way for faster, more efficient, high-quality project completion.

Emergence as Go-To Tech Talent Provider
Turing has worked with industry giants across a broad range of verticals, including high-tech, entertainment, automotive, banking and finance, and healthcare. Boasting a pool of over three million technical professionals vetted by AI, Turing remains the go-to provider of the highest caliber technical professionals equipped with the most modern, cutting-edge tools. In addition to the company’s AI-powered staff augmentation offering, Turing also provides generative AI consultative solutions that enable enterprises to thrive in the dynamic, ever-evolving AI landscape. The company has quickly emerged as the leading resource for LLM training services, serving as a key partner to the foremost providers in the category, empowering enterprises with generative AI consultative services and solutions.

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