ClearBlade, Radio Bridge Bring IoT Edge Tank Monitoring Solution

ClearBlade, the industry-leading IIoT Platform and Edge Computing software company, and Radio Bridge Inc, the leading manufacturer of long-range wireless sensors using the LoRaWAN standard, announced today the release of a new IoT bundled solution for remote tank monitoring. The solution is the combination of best in breed hardware and proven industrial IoT software to address the challenge of accurately monitoring and reporting on tank levels. Built to be configurable, the solution serves many industries including oil & gas, chemical manufacturing, wastewater, and utilities. ClearBlade and Radio Bridge created this bundle to address identified gaps in the market today that are either not ready for commercial deployment, flexible enough to meet broad needs, or are unable to scale in production.

Utilizing LoRaWan communication between the Radio Bridge sensors and gateways, this solution also addresses the network and connectivity issues that typically exist on these remote industrial sites. Additionally, the ClearBlade platform enables enterprises to take the normalized data directly from the Radio Bridge sensors in the field and enrich existing enterprise tools such as ServiceNow, IBM Maximo, SAP HANA, and others.

“With all the great technological advances the oil & gas industry has seen over the last few years, we still see tremendous opportunities to improve processes and reduce costs with our automated out-of-the-box monitoring solution,” said Aaron Allsbrook, CTO of ClearBlade. “Our whole goal with creating this solution was to provide a one-stop-shop for companies looking to quickly deploy a proven solution that replaces dipsticks and clipboards.”

With both ClearBlade and Radio Bridge having deep expertise across these industries, the two companies often came across each other when interacting with customers and grew very familiar with each other’s products. Through this collaboration, the two companies saw the opportunity to combine their products and offer a solution proving how IoT can be leveraged to monitor tanks of different types.

“ClearBlade has one of the most advanced platforms in the industry with respect to both analytical capability as well as its ability to scale for production volumes,” said Steve Kilts, Chief Executive Officer, Radio Bridge. “We’ve seen a lot of demand for this type of solution and we’re very excited to partner with ClearBlade.”

This bundled solution is commercially available today and can be tested through the purchase of a deployment kit that includes five (5) sensors, a LoraWan gateway, ClearBlade Edge software, Tank Monitoring Solution, and setup services. The solution is also available as a SaaS solution or with an enterprise licensing agreement. For more information on how to get started today, please contact

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