Cloud RAN Networking Solution between Ataya and Vicinity

Vicinity Technologies Limited (“Vicinity”) is pleased to announce the availability of their 5G cloud-managed intelligent network at the Mobile World Congress 2024. This solution enables ultra-low latency 5G applications and offers numerous benefits for various industries.

Vicinity is showcasing a live and easily deployable 5G network using the 5G integrated small cells, managed by Ataya’s Harmony Cloud managed 5G system. The network is fully prepared for commercial deployment and can be configured to support important 5G use cases like low-latency augmented reality/virtual reality (AR/VR), industrial IoT, and mission-critical communications.

The manufacturing industry can greatly benefit from 5G capabilities. With increased transmission speed, network capacity, deterministic reliability, and reduced latency, 5G is a game-changing solution for industries where downtime is not an option. In the past, many manufacturers relied on wired networks for machine communication. Despite the availability of technologies like Wi-Fi and LTE, interference and complex environments made these options risky for companies requiring ultra-reliable service. The showcase features a 5G time-sensitive network easily deployed in a factory setting, where the cloud automatically manages the 5G network with intelligent radio resource management. Network performance metrics are displayed in the Harmony dashboard, allowing users to configure the network to suit their applications.

Vicinity is a leading provider of 5G wireless technologies, delivering advanced wireless systems. Dr. Eric Tsang, CEO of Vicinity Technologies Limited, emphasizes that their products quickly address pain points with 5G wireless connectivity. By collaborating with Ataya, Vicinity enables customers to deploy well-managed 5G networks for private networks.

“Ataya Harmony platform streamlines 5G network deployment, making it compact, simple, and easy for deployment,” says Rajesh Pazhyannur, Co-Founder and CEO of Ataya Limited. “The Ataya Harmony universal connectivity platform supports Wired, WiFi and 5G devices access to the network, while policy-based access and threat control enhance network security.”

Vicinity offers a complete and deployable 5G networking solution for infrastructure vendors, system integrators and mobile operators. Its product portfolio include 5G distributed units, 5G small cells and 5G terminals, and the 5G core network with RAN intelligent management from Ataya. They are all software defined, easy for customization, and easy for deployment.

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