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Cloudinary, Contentful to Help Brands in Visual-first Experiences

Contentful-Cloudinary integration brings headless DAM, streamlined media management for a flawless and fast digital experience in an easy, efficient way

Cloudinary, the media experience platform for many of the world’s top brands, today announced its partnership with Contentful, a pioneer and global leader in headless content management systems (CMS). With dozens of shared customers already benefiting from the relationship, the new partnership offers Contentful users seamless access to Cloudinary’s award-winning media experience solutions, including its headless digital asset management (DAM) within Contentful’s CMS, allowing Contentful users to more easily upload, optimize and deliver engaging visual-first experiences at scale.

With Cloudinary’s AI-based media experience solutions, Contentful customers automatically benefit from superior media performance no matter where or how their audiences are engaged. What’s more, by leveraging APIs for media management tasks, marketers and developers alike benefit from an integrated headless tech stack for optimization and automation. As a result, page loads are fast and beautiful, and at scale – with less overhead and less effort.

“In this digital-first era, companies can gain a great competitive advantage by going digital-fast,” said Kevin Zellmer, VP of Partnerships at Contentful. “The demand for digital is accelerating, so businesses need a strong technology platform for building omnichannel experiences faster. We’re proud to partner with Cloudinary in accelerating our joint customers’ time to value with their digital experiences.”

The Contentful-Cloudinary integration extends Contentful’s content management capabilities to ensure that all rich media stakeholders can:

  • Benefit from seamless and bi-directional access to media assets in Contentful via Cloudinary’s media library, offering the ability to more easily browse, manage, and optimize assets including images, videos, 3D objects and GIFs
  • Automatically optimize assets according to the end-user device for optimal display and ensure every image and video is automatically adjusted for best format and quality
  • Utilize Cloudinary’s innovative AI capabilities for auto-tagging images and videos, all within the media workflow to ensure image and video assets are more easily identified, managed and optimized, all within Contentful

Cloudinary delivers visual experiences that inspire and connect and has more than 40 billion assets under management. Leading brands like Atlassian, Bleacher Report, Grubhub, Hinge, Lyft, NBC, Mediavine, Peloton, Petco and Under Armour are seeing significant business value in using Cloudinary, including faster time-to-market, higher user satisfaction and increased engagement and conversions.

“In today’s visual economy, fast and flawless rich media experiences are no longer a nice-to-have, they are critical components to any company’s success,” said Scott Doughman, VP of Business Development at Cloudinary. “Equally critical is the ability to deliver the right, high-performant content as efficiently as possible to eliminate the challenges that often keep experiences from reaching their true engagement potential. The Contentful-Cloudinary integration eliminates these challenges and we’re pleased to be bringing our media management expertise to the Contentful ecosystem.”

Later this month, Cloudinary will participate in Contentful’s first annual customer conference Fast Forward, a virtual day-long program designed to bring together more than 1,000 developers, architects, editors and Chief Digital Officers to discuss what it takes to manage the complex footprint of digital customer experiences.

Contentful users can take advantage of Cloudinary’s media experience capabilities today by clicking “install now” in the Contentful Marketplace page for Cloudinary. Those interested in becoming a Cloudinary user can sign up for free here.

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