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Clovity Expands its IoT Platform Capabilities

Emerging technology and IoT Platform provider, Clovity, has created a Smart Thermal Camera Solution Bundle with its CSensorNet Platform to Enable Schools, Hospitals, Nursing Homes, Corporate Offices, Event Spaces, Conferences, and other High-Density Gathering Locations to Screen for Body Temperature and possible Fever using embedded AI Technology

As the world begins to open back up, there will be crucial steps that need to be taken to ensure our safety during this current COVID-19 pandemic, as well as future pandemics our planet will face. Silicon Valley-based Clovity, creator of the CSensorNet IoT Platform and professional services provider, has partnered with strategic AI powered camera providers to release zero-touch Thermal Camera bundles powered by Artificial Intelligence and their IoT platform. This bundled solution will be deployed in public and private locations where large amounts of people come into close contact and need to be screened before entering into a facility or gathering space. Pre-configured and “plug & play” ready, this Thermal imaging solution can be rolled out quickly for business to commence normalized daily routines with some peace of mind protection.

Utilizing Clovity’s CSensorNet platform deployed on Microsoft’s Azure cloud, powerful AI cameras will be able to detect in seconds abnormally high temperatures with +/- .5 degrees accuracy walking through a screening corridor or entrance. By identifying surface temperature of potential carriers before they enter an area steps can be taken to alert the person of the issue and remove them from the larger crowd or queue. These individuals will be sent home to quarantine and recuperate while keeping the larger majority safe from infection. This can allow a more “business as usual” type of approach, allowing life to commence with additional levels of health safety for all in attendance.

Vice President, Client Management at Clovity, Joseph Gilman, said, “COVID-19/Coronavirus has obviously affected many people throughout the world in various ways. Clovity is looking forward to implementing this thermal camera solution to help smooth the transition, and help get people back into their schools, hospitals, and places of work.” Joseph continued, “We are glad that we’ve been able to work with our hardware partners to bring value during the ‘new normal’ that we are facing in the coming weeks and months.”

Clovity is currently taking pre-sale orders for Smart Thermal AI Camera solution bundles. If interested, please head to the Clovity Smart Thermal landing page and reach out on the “Contact Us” link!

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