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Steve Francesco, Founder, President and CEO of Cohere Cyber Secure—a firm specializing in Cyber Security, Compliance and Managed IT for the financial services sector —announces the appointment of Evin Hernandez as Chief Technology Officer/CTO and Haseen Usman Ahmed as Chief Information Security Officer/CISO.

Evin Hernandez, CTO is a highly accomplished IT security and product management professional with progressive experience as an IT entrepreneur, consultant and executive at Fortune Global 100 companies such as VMWare, Viacom, Atlantic Health—among others.

Franceso comments, “We felt that adding Evin’s 20+ years of technical consulting and proven information security leadership to our executive team would add value to our discerning financial services clients. In this very resource-constrained environment, clients need a firm with proven success in guiding implementations of leading-edge technology solutions. Evin’s keen understanding of network design, malware analysis, threat hunting, web application security testing, network penetration testing, systems architecture, configuration management, and systems administration is exactly what our clients are demanding.”

Hernandez added, ”I am excited to re-join the Cohere team and make sure our clients are kept safe, secure and viable. Cyber-attacks in the finance/banking sector were up 53% in 2021 with the average cost of a data breach in the financial sector in 2021 at $5.72 million. As a result, board directors at banks and insurance companies view cyber security as a top priority. And that’s what I am here to solve for.”

Francesco commented on his addition of Haseen Usman Ahmed thusly,”Haseen is a highly successful, highly seasoned, and credentialed CISO with deep and wide roots in cyber security—from financial cyber security services and compliance—to advisory and virtual CISO services. Our clients need to make sure someone looks at their networks, infrastructure, and systems holistically—and Haseen can help us do that. Having been in the financial and banking sectors prior to joining us, he has a client-centric sensibility and experience. He knows what is truly important. He is specialized in advanced cyber security disciplines, cyber forensic investigation, payment system security, regulatory compliance, security standardization implementation, audits, and author for many different cyber security publications. His background encompassed managed security services, private and hybrid secure cloud infrastructure, cyber threat intelligence, and management of SOCs in all different states in the US, so he will be an invaluable part of the leadership team as well.”

Ahmed added, “Our financial services clients need to be able to not only be secure, but also compliant.  That’s why they rely on us. We know how to protect them, on all levels. As a more robust team, we will now be able to advise them on security operations, digital transformation & technology re-engineering, cloud security IaaS, SaaS and PaaS, XDR Platforms, security standards compliance, and cyber security advisory as well—with a one-stop approach to it all.”

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