Collette Health Announces New “Third Party Join” Feature

New feature allows third party members, such as physicians, specialists and family members, to join medical sessions virtually

Collette Health, a leading provider of continuous virtual patient observation solutions, today announced a new feature, Third Party Join, that allows members of the care team, as well as patient advocates, such as physicians, specialists and family members, to participate in conversations regarding the plan of care and patient concerns virtually via an online link directly integrated within the virtual patient observation platform.

By conveniently connecting all personnel involved in patient care— primary and consulting physicians, nurses, case managers, family members, interpreters, religious leaders, etc.— Third Party Join is designed to enhance timely communication between the patient and their key stakeholders to drive better patient outcomes and improve care efficiency with streamlined clinical workflows.

“We believe Third Party Join is a game changer for our hospital and health system partners,” said Christine Gall, Chief Nursing Officer at Collette Health. “This new feature promotes communication interoperability across the board. By allowing all stakeholders to attend important consultations virtually, we are expanding lines of communication and facilitating timely collaboration and inclusivity that support patients clinically and emotionally. It will also provide much-needed support for care teams to streamline multidisciplinary workflows and open communication channels to efficiently connect with one another for timely and accurate delivery of care.”

Third Party Join breaks down the barriers of timely communication between healthcare teams, patients and patients’ families by offering real-time video and audio communication with remote individuals right at the patient’s bedside. Third Party join keeps the patient at the center of the conversation in a convenient manner and improves the efficiency of virtual participants by eliminating travel time.

Third Party Join provides continuity of care for patients by creating efficient workflows within the virtual observation platform and promoting care coordination and seamless transitions amongst the patient care team. This new feature enables efficient, collaborative communication by offering the option of integrating any relevant stakeholder into the virtual observation environment, ensuring accuracy for patient safety. Third Party Join also promotes interoperability with effortless data transfer through electronic medical record (EMR) integration.

Additionally, Third Party Join improves patient satisfaction. Hospitalization can be lonely and isolating for patients. This new feature allows patients to reach out to their support network, including family and friends, as well as to connect with the virtual observer with a simple touch and have high-quality audio and video access. Increased opportunities for human connection can help reduce the stress and anxiety often associated with hospital stays.

A patient’s hospital journey can feel fractured with different limited lines of communication for each specialist or physician and the need to relay information to family members and caretakers. Third Party Join removes these barriers, allowing caretakers to actively participate in medical sessions in real time and delivering a cohesive and patient-centric care experience.

Third Party Join is available on Collette Health’s mobile cart observation stations which work in conjunction with the recently deployed all-in-one hardware device designed for hospital room application that can be mounted on the wall or ceiling.

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